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Cookie Notice

At Onyx Nightclub, we value your privacy and are committed to ensuring a safe and secure online experience for all our visitors. As part of this commitment, we want to inform you about our web cookie privacy practices.

What are Cookies? Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) when you visit a website. They serve various purposes, including enhancing your browsing experience, remembering your preferences, and providing personalized content.

Our Use of Cookies: When you visit the Onyx Nightclub website, we may use cookies to optimize your experience and improve our services. Here’s how we utilize cookies:

  1. Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the basic functioning of our website. They enable you to navigate the site and use its essential features, such as accessing secure areas. These cookies do not collect personal information and are crucial for the website’s functionality.
  2. Analytical Cookies: We use analytical cookies to gather anonymous information about how visitors interact with our website. These cookies help us understand which pages are most popular, how long visitors spend on our site, and how they found us. This data assists us in improving our website’s performance and tailoring our content to better serve our visitors.
  3. Third-Party Cookies: On occasion, we may collaborate with trusted third-party partners who may place cookies on your device. These cookies are subject to the privacy policies of those third parties and are used for purposes such as analyzing website traffic, providing social media integration, or delivering targeted advertisements. We have no control over the cookies set by these third parties, but we ensure that our partners handle your data responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws.

Your Cookie Choices: We respect your right to control your online privacy. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you have the option to modify your browser settings to reject or control the use of cookies. However, please note that disabling cookies may impact your browsing experience and limit certain features on our website.

By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies as described in this privacy notice, unless you have adjusted your browser settings to reject cookies.

Our Commitment to Privacy: Protecting your personal information is of utmost importance to us. For detailed information on how we collect, use, and safeguard your data, please refer to our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

At Onyx Nightclub, we strive to create an enjoyable and secure online environment. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our web cookie privacy practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Onyx Nightclub for your entertainment needs!

Cookie Name More Information

PHPSESSID Used to identify a specific browser session, allowing the Website to, for example, “remember” content entered into a multi-page form across all pages of the form. This cookie lasts for the duration of a browser session.

Disabling or removing these cookies may make browsing the Website less convenient or may prevent certain functionality (such as the shopping cart or booking functionality) from working correctly.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies. We allow third party advertisers, including advertising providers and ad networks, to place and/or activate cookies, pixel tags, and/or other tracking technologies designed to enable advertising on your device and deliver it to you across the Internet.

These services may collect information and data about your activities online, both on the Website and across third-party pages or platforms that participate in the ad network. This process helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts and deliver advertising to you. These ad networks, in connection with cookies, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies: (i) help deliver online behavioral advertisements, either by us, our affiliates, or third parties; (ii) may prevent you from seeing the same advertisements too many times; and (iii) help us, our service providers, and/or our other partners (as further described below) understand the effectiveness of the advertisements that have been delivered to you.

Cookie Name More Information

DoubleClickDoubleClick is an online behavioral advertising network owned by Google that uses cookies to target advertising based on a user’s online activity. You can learn about Google’s practices, as well as how to opt out of DoubleClick online tracking, by visiting the following links:


Facebook tracks opted-out users with a cookie (named “fr”) that is used on pages that include social media plug-ins for advertising purposes. You can learn more about Facebook’s practices, as well as how to opt out of certain Facebook tracking, by visiting the following link:


Disabling or removing these cookies, resetting your advertising identifier, or opting out of online behavioral advertising altogether (as applicable) will not prevent you from seeing advertising, but may result in advertising that is repetitive or less relevant to you.

Third-Party Functionality. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that advertisers and third party sites may use, and the information practices of those advertisers and third party websites are not covered by our Privacy Notice or this Cookie Notice.

For example, we provide social media buttons on the Website that allow users to visit, share, sign into the Website with, or bookmark web pages through third-party social media platforms. We do not control how those platforms collect information about you, nor whether or how they may track you or may activate their own cookies on your computer.

For more information about how third parties collect and use information about your activities, please review their applicable Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.