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Trading Trashy for Classy when You Go Clubbing

Trading Trashy for Classy when You Go Clubbing

“Always classy, never trashy,” is a great motto to follow anytime you go out, but it’s especially important when you’re heading out for a night on the town. Although you may prefer a favorite old t-shirt and baggy, ripped jeans or a skin-tight, super-short dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, that could limit the clubs you’re allowed to enter and the caliber of people you attract. To make sure you look classy instead of trashy when you go clubbing, here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit your favorite San Diego nightclubs.

Guidelines for Guys

When you’re spending the evening at the clubs, you’ll find many high-end establishments maintain strict dress codes that prohibit baggy or grungy jeans. Men should opt for dress pants that are tailored and fit well to ensure they look classy. A nice pair of khaki-colored chinos is fine, but consider springing for trendier styles if you want to really class it up.

Although some clubs require collared shirts for entry, you can always customize your look to suit your own style. Wear a slim-fit shirt in a neutral shade that doesn’t feature a loud pattern or gaudy print. Go with a simple classic style instead of looking like you stepped out of the ’90s. If you want to look a bit more trendy and modern without being too formal, try wearing a crisp linen blazer over a fresh white shirt. 

Don’t make the mistake of wearing your favorite pair of sneaks to the club, which can detract from the classy look you’re going for. Instead, spring for a pair of loafers or oxfords, which are comfortable to dance in and won’t make you look like you’re going to a frat party.

Tips for Ladies

Good taste must always be the guiding factor when you’re dressing for the club. Chic dresses that aren’t excessively provocative are great choices for fun-loving ladies, and dressy pantsuits are perfect for gals who are going for an elegant statuesque look.

If you want to highlight your toned legs, you can slay a classy look with a slit skirt or a minidress with a classic modest neckline. If you want to show a bit of décolletage, try a lower neckline, but go minimalist with the rest of your silhouette. Avoid panty lines, keep your thong to yourself, and always—always—wear proper underwear. You can use double-sided tape to keep your clothes in place and maintain a sophisticated, polished look that says “class, not trash.” 

Girls can augment their outfits with shoes that have a bit of a heel. Shoes with heels elongate the legs and create a more formal look, which is hard to achieve with flats. To keep your feet happy, you can always wear foldable ballet flats as you make your way from one club to another and switch to pumps before you enter. 

The right accessories can complete the look you’re going for and help you make just the right statement. An elegant necklace and slim clutch are simple touches that can help you fit into the clubbing scene with style. Less is more when it comes to accessories, though. Instead of accenting your ensemble, too many layers of necklaces or bracelets can make your outfit look like a tacky costume. If you wear your hair up, complement it with a pair of chandelier earrings, and choose a long chunky necklace if you’re wearing a low-cut blouse. Highlighting specific areas with jewelry will draw the eye to your most flattering features.

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