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How to Overcome Social Anxiety when You Go Out to Clubs

How to Overcome Social Anxiety when You Go Out to Clubs

One of the most common mental health issues is social anxiety, which is the fear of being in social situations that involve interacting with other people. Everyone has insecurities, but if you’re constantly worrying about other people’s opinions of how you look or whether you’re really likable, you may be dealing with social anxiety, which can be an obstacle if you want to head out to a club for a fun night out. If your social anxiety tends to increase on the day you’re going clubbing or right as you’re about to head out the door, these tips will help you ease your anxiety and bolster your courage so you can have fun when you go to the hippest clubs in downtown San Diego.

Take Some Time to Relax before You Go

Make plans in advance to give yourself some time to relax before you head out for a night of clubbing. Try to set aside at least an hour or two before you leave so you can spend some time on yourself and get ready at your own pace. Maybe soak in a calming lavender bubble bath, do some reading (but stay away from social media, which can ramp up your anxiety and defeat the purpose), or sweat out the stress with a good workout. 

Decide what you’re going to wear at least a day ahead of time. Choose something that’s comfortable, looks good on you, and makes you feel confident. 

Go Out with Friends Who Understand Your Anxiety

If you want to have a great clubbing experience but you feel socially awkward, go out with some of your closest friends. They’ll provide a comforting, familiar presence while you’re exploring a new and different place. You and your friends can be the perfect balance for each other, offering support while knowing when to give each other space. Make sure you go with a group of friends who always check in and don’t leave without knowing where everyone else is.

Choose Familiar Clubs

Going out to places you’ve never visited before can cause your anxiety to skyrocket. If you’re anxious about being in unfamiliar surroundings, consider going to clubs you’ve been to before or where you’ll see people you know. You’ll feel more comfortable and secure if you know you’ll recognize at least a few friendly faces when you walk through the door. Once you’ve started to gain a bit of control over your social anxiety, you can gradually try new clubs when you feel ready. 

Don’t Drink Excessively

Alcohol and clubbing go hand and hand, and a lot of people with anxiety are tempted to try and loosen up with a few beers or glasses of wine. If you do choose to drink while you’re out, be careful to keep your alcohol consumption at a reasonable level. Getting tipsy can remove inhibitions, but if you drink too much, you may end up behaving in ways you’ll be embarrassed about later, which will only add to your social anxiety. Also, people tend to shy away from other people who’ve had too much to drink, and if that happens while you’re at the club, your social anxiety could get even worse. 

Give Yourself Permission to Leave at Any Time

You want to go clubbing because you’re excited about enjoying some nightlife, but if you start to feel your anxiety spike, prioritize your mental health and allow yourself to leave if you need to. A noisy crowd can be overwhelming for someone with social anxiety, so don’t feel bad if you need to retreat to the restroom to get yourself together, go outside for some fresh air, or even leave the venue for the night. If you try to force yourself to stay when you’re feeling anxious, it will only exacerbate your social anxiety and make you less likely to venture out in the future. 

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