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28-yr-old Mexicana Named Best Chef in the World

28-yr-old Mexicana Named Best Chef in the World


Daniela Soto-Innes was named the World’s best female check by a panel of over 1,000 culinary experts from all over the globe! At the age of 28, she is the youngest to ever win the award.

Chef Daniela runs New York city’s best Mexican restaurants Cosme and Alta. She was born in Mexico City and moved to Houston at the age 12. Soto-Innes was inspired by her grandmother’s cooking and learned from a young age that if you are going to cook, you must enjoy it and be happy, otherwise they won’t turn out.

She says, “Por las mujeres chingonas y los hombres que no apoyan!” in response to her award.

To all Latinas, Pa’arriba y Pa’delante!


For more visit: https://www.wearelatinlive.com/article/13159/mexicana-daniela-soto-innes-named-best-chef-in-the-world
By: O. Delgado from LatinLive

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