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3 Cocktails That Won’t Destroy Your Diet Plans

3 Cocktails That Won’t Destroy Your Diet Plans

Most cocktails are bad for weight-watchers with high caloric count, sugar and yeast content that make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. So what do you do if you are craving for an amazing cocktail but don’t want to ruin your diet? Your best choices are the classic spirits – tequila, gin and vodka combined with rum, soda water or lime make some of the best cocktails you can have! So if you’re looking for three cocktails that will go easy on your diet plans, try these.

—–The NorCal Margarita —–

Lime with tequila and soda water makes the NorCal Margarita a favorite amongst weight-watchers. The lime reduces the effect of the alcohol and the tequila is gluten free which means you won’t feel bloated or uncomfortable. The good thing about NorCal Margarita is that it’s light on your stomach and also maintains your insulin level, not giving you a spike like other alcoholic drinks.

—–The Blue Ice Black Russian —–

If you want a more punchy drink, try the Blue Ice Black Russian made with vodka, coffee liqueur and a cherry to top it off. The coffee liqueur adds a strong aroma to the drink while the vodka will give you that alcohol punch without raising your sugar levels. Perfect drink for days you want a stronger flavor than a margarita.

—–Spicy Piñata —–

This drink is the simplest of all yet the one that hits your taste buds the hardest! A concoction of pineapple juice with a sliced jalapeno and vodka is all there is to this drink. You can replace the pineapple juice with any juice of your choice. If you happen to like the combination of lime and spice, this is a great recipe to follow.

There are dozens of low calorie, healthy cocktail drinks out there that you can make at home and enjoy without feeling the guilt of affecting your guilt regime. Do watch out though that any form of alcohol content (be it vodka or gin) requires a balanced approach. At the end of the day it’s still alcohol – moderation is the key to good health!

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