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5 Obscure Danny Trejo Horror Movies Just in Time for Halloween

5 Obscure Danny Trejo Horror Movies Just in Time for Halloween

Even if you consider yourself the biggest fan of actor Danny Trejo, chances are you haven’t seen every single one of the more than 250 feature films he’s made during his 35-year career.

With the exception of his most well-known horror movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and The Devil’s Rejects, there’s less of a chance you’ve heard the titles of some of the most obscure and undeniably cheesy ones he’s been in. Don’t feel like you’ve let Danny down though. With as many movies and TV shows listed on his filmography, he can’t remember half of them either.

Here’s a look at five little-known horror movies starring Danny Trejo–just in time for Halloween. You can stream all of them now on Amazon Prime.

Reaper (2015)

Trejo stars as Jack, a truck driver who teams up with a drug dealer to help save a young hitchhiker from a cult-leader-turned-supernatural-serial-killer known as the Reaper.

Zombie Hunter (2013)

Zombies get their heads chopped off at the hands of Father Jesús (Trejo), a preacher who joins forces with a renegade to kill as many Flesh Eaters as possible in a post-apocalyptic world of death and destruction.

American Nightmares (2015)

The horror anthology stars Trejo as Mr. Malevolent, a storyteller who hacks into a computer and forces its viewers to watch a collection of twisted tales.

Ghostquake (2012)

Also known as Haunted High, the horror flick is set at a New England private school where a demonic headmaster returns from the dead to kill the student body. Trejo plays Ortiz, a janitor seeking revenge for the death of his sister.

Voodoo Possession (2015)


Trejo plays Billy Kross, a hospital administrator working at an insane asylum in Haiti, who is possessed by a voodoo spirit. “This place is cursed,” Trejo says in the movie’s trailer. “And if we don’t leave, so are we.”

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