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NYE: 5 Things To Start Doing In 2019 To Make It YOUR Year

NYE: 5 Things To Start Doing In 2019 To Make It YOUR Year

The new year is here and you are super pumped about it right?! Who isn’t. This is the year to grow and it’s time to let nothing stand in the way. But we all know that sometimes we are back to our daily routine in no time. Not this year Onyx Insider, here are 5 ways to make it your year different from ever before.

1. Start Being More Grateful.

While this may seem a little easier said than done, simple gratitude will go a long way to making you healthier and happier! Studies have shown that gratitude can increase your self esteem, physical and mental health, and can even help you sleep better. In 2019, bring gratitude with you from the beginning and you’ll find more doors open for you than ever before.

2. Start Spending Time With People Who Help You Grow.

They say that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – so in 2019, we challenge you to surround yourself with a group of people who value you, challenge you, and help you to become the best possible version of yourself! Onyx Tip:

3. Start To Be More Present.

We live in a world of constant distractions. Our phones are always being blown up by people and things that demand slices of our attention and intention, and our lives are constant currents of hustle and bustle. These aren’t bad things – it’s better to be busy than bored! However, it’s important to take time to center yourself each and every day, or you risk being swept away by the constant buzz that surrounds you. So this new year, remember to take time to pay attention to exactly when and where you are. You’ll find renewed focus, energy, and clarity – all of which will help you make 2019 your year.

4. Start To Give Back

Giving back to people or causes you care about is a surefire way to do good and feel good in 2019. Whether it’s by donating to your favorite cause/nonprofit, or volunteering at a local soup kitchen, taking the time to give back to your community (or the global community) is one way to ensure that you both radiate and attract positive energy.

5. Start Trusting and Forgiving Yourself

As the new year dawns, it’s the perfect time to reflect on 2018. As you reflect on both your triumphs and failures in the past year, it’s incredibly important to forgive yourself for any mistakes, and put trust in yourself that you are doing the right thing going into 2019. Having the clarity that comes with forgiveness and the conviction that accompanies self trust will propel your life to new heights in 2019!

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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