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5 Tips for Staying Safe When Partying in a New Place

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Partying in a New Place

It’s exciting partying at a new place and meet new people but the excitement can turn to a disturbing experience if you don’t practice a few safety tips. To ensure you have a fun and comfortable experience, practice the following safety tips.

—–Always plan well ahead —–

Pre-planning makes the experience worth it. Plan how you will arrive to the party, who you’re going with and whether you need someone to pick you up. Dig information about the location’s reputation and whether it’s safe for moving around at night.

—–Never go alone if you can help it —–

Ideally, always have a friend or a group of friends together when partying at a new place. When you’re on your own you’re more vulnerable and may be easy target for people with malicious intent. Plus, it’s always fun to check out new places with friends.

—–Know your alcohol tolerance —–

Everyone is guilty of getting drunk when at a party, but if you’re low on alcohol tolerance and know that you will get crazy drunk after the second glass, stop. It’s not worth the risk to drink shot after shot only to end up being in an embarrassing or dangerous situation at a new place.

—–Don’t trust people too soon—–

Of course you’ll be meeting new people in a new place, and you’re bound to make some acquaintance but don’t trust people too soon. Be wary of people who try to offer you a drink or who flirt with you even after your refusal to communicate.

—–Keep an eye out for drugs and illegal activities —–

Be cautious when you enter the place and observe the atmosphere. Are people high on drugs? Do you see suspicious people giving pills or mixing drugs with drinks? If you do, be very careful and avoid testing out drugs you don’t know about.

Parties are meant to be fun but your safety is important. You can easily avoid embarrassing & dangerous consequences if you practice safety measures. Have fun, but sensibly!

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