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Bad Bunny Adds To His Footwear Collection With Pink ‘Easter Egg’ Shoes From Adidas

Bad Bunny Adds To His Footwear Collection With Pink ‘Easter Egg’ Shoes From Adidas

Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny is teaming up again with Adidas for some customized kicks. Just in time for the Easter holiday, the Forum Low “Easter Egg” is the new, pink-colored shoe that is now part of the Bad Bunny footwear collection.

For their first collaboration, Bad Bunny and Adidas created Forum Low “The First Café,” a shoe designed in different shades of brown, reminiscent of a cup of coffee. In the past, Bad Bunny also partnered with Crocs to design glow-in-the-dark shoes last October.

Now, the “Easter Egg” is the perfect shoe for fans to wear during outdoor family get-togethers (follow CDC guidelines!) and Easter Egg hunts. You can probably get away with wearing them to Sunday morning church service, too, if you accessorize well and te peínas bien.

The shoes themselves are made from pink leather and pink suede. They feature a signature strap and a black buckle. Under the buckle, Bad Bunny has added his famous eye graphic known as “El Ojo.” The words “Yo Visto Asi” (“I Dress Like This”) are printed under the buckle’s strap.

In a 2018 episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex, Bad Bunny said he’s liked sneakers ever since he was a child. His love for collecting them has grown as his fame has afforded him the ability to splurge.

“In terms of my sneaker game…it’s really developed now that I can buy more,” he said at the time. “Two years ago, I didn’t have the amount of money I have now. So, it’s just now that I’ve been able to fulfill all the dreams I had as a kid to buy the sneakers that I want.”

Now, he’s designing the sneakers that he wants, too.

Bad Bunny’s Forum Low “Easter Egg” sneaks will be released April 4.

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