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Banda In Case You Didn’t Know

Banda In Case You Didn’t Know

So what’s Banda? Banda is a genre of regional music with a musical ensemble of mostly brass and percussion instruments. These bands typically have nine to 12 members including a lead singer and a second vocalist. There are many famous bands of this genre, but Banda el Recodo is known as the “mother of all bands.”  

Banda el Recodo was born way back in 1938 and founded by Don Cruz Lizárraga from Sinaloa, Mexico—the region where this genre originated. Their ensemble consists of four clarinets, three trumpets, a tambora, a tarola, a tuba, three trombones, and three singers. They’ve performed with many popular artists including Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández. Since the death of their founder, his son has taken over and they have toured internationally. Even today, Banda el Recodo continues to be one of the most popular Mexican folk bands of all time. 

Banda Sinaloense MS, also just known as Banda MS, was founded in 2003 with MS standing for Mazatlán, Sinaloa where it was founded. The band was started by brothers Sergio and Alberto Lizárraga. They debuted with their first album No Podrás in 2004, then later reached number one on the Billboard Latin albums charts with Qué Bendición. They’ve also been nominated for numerous awards including Band of the Year, Band Album of the Year, and Best Regional Mexican Song. 

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