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Becky G on How Tequila, Her Latinx Roots and Mom Alejandra Inspired Her New Makeup Collection

Becky G on How Tequila, Her Latinx Roots and Mom Alejandra Inspired Her New Makeup Collection

Becky G didn’t have to search far for the inspiration behind her new makeup collection, Treslúce Beauty

On Friday, the Mexican American singer (born Rebecca Gomez) will release an assortment of vibrant eye products and brushes that pay homage to her Latinx heritage and childhood growing up in Inglewood, California. 

“I wanted to create a space in the beauty world that elevates our voices and our stories,” Becky, 23, tells PEOPLE. 

Treslúce Beauty pulls its name from two Spanish words: “Tres,” which means three, and “Luce,” a slang term to compliment someone’s appearance, Becky shares. 


“The number three is a very spiritual number for me because it represents the mind, body and soul,” she says. “To me, makeup is a form of self expression not just of who we are on the outside but also what’s going on inside.

The collection, Becky adds, was born out of a “lifelong obsession and passion for makeup,” which included watching her mother, Alejandra, experiment with different products and doing her own makeup for concerts early on in her singing career. “Doing my makeup was a very personal time for me to ground and connect with myself before going on stage in front of thousands of people,” she adds. 

Treslúce Beauty’s initial launch includes dual eye/lip gel color pencils in 15 shades, three different lashes, a brush set and the collection’s centerpiece: the “I Am Palette,” an eyeshadow palette featuring 18 mattes and shimmers.



“We started with an eye collection because to me, the eyes are the gateway to the soul,” Becky says. 

Becky was particularly thoughtful when picking out shade names for the palette and chose her favorite affirmations in English and Spanish, like “Hustle,” “Grateful,” “Poderosa,” which translates to “Powerful” in English and “Divina,” which means “Divine.” 

“Growing up on the internet, it wasn’t always the nicest place,” Becky shares. “Sometimes beauty trends can make you feel like you’re not ‘cool enough’ or ‘pretty enough’ to pull off a look … we really need to empower each other more in the beauty space.” 

She continues: “That’s why I created the ‘I Am Palette,’ so people always feel welcome and empowered when they’re interacting with our projects.” 


Each shadow is infused with Mexican blue agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where Becky’s grandparents are from. “I love tequila, so I thought, ‘How can I put it in makeup?'” she shares. “It makes the shadow’s consistency smoother, buttery and hydrating.” 

Treslúce Beauty products are also made with vegan-friendly ingredients and are ophthalmologist tested. Plus, the eyeshadow palette was designed to fit easily in most toiletry cases and comes with a detachable makeup mirror for travel. 


“I left bits of my heart and love for makeup in all of these products,” she says. 

As Treslúce Beauty grows, Becky plans on highlighting Latinx activists and artists in her campaigns and using the brand’s platform to amplify issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We want to do things that are outside of the box than what we’ve seen in the beauty industry before, as far as bringing a community aspect to it, and talking about important issues that don’t necessarily have to do with makeup,” she says. “Our brand’s social awareness is one thing I’m very, very proud of.”

Treslúce Beauty products, ranging from $8-$30, will be available for purchase on June 25 at treslucebeauty.com.

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