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Best Michelada’s in San Diego

Best Michelada’s in San Diego

Happy International Beer Day! Onyx Nightclub wants to celebrate by giving you a list of the best micheladas in San Diego! If there was a day to have one, it’s today, it’s friYAY!

City Tacos doesn’t just have good tacos, their micheladas are also a hit! Visit anyone of their 7 locations in San Diego for a great treat for the soul.

Our favorite and usually the fastest Karina’s in town is right of the 5 freeway in mission hills. Its the perfect place for a quick stop and pick up to take home.

Open today (8/7/20) and right in time for International Beer Day, is Salud. Their amazing tacos paired with this mouth watering drink is a must for FriYAY!

King & Queen in Little Italy is the spot if you know you’re the type to switch drinks. While their miches are amazing, they have such a wide selection for the next drink.

If you’re down with micheladas your probably are a paleta fan. So if so, then El Chingon should be the go to get your Friday drink on. Well that is until we open again.

But how did the Michelada come to be?

VERSION 1 Or “the cooler version” of the story begins in 1910 among the initial turmoil of the Mexican Revolution. 

Legend has it that “El General” Don Augusto Michel would frequent a local cantina in San Luis Potosi with his war-weary soldiers. In an effort to lift their spirits after a long day of combat, Michel would order a beer with lime and add hot sauce. Supposedly, the unnamed owner of the cantina named the spicy concoction after Michel, combining “michel” and chelada, or “cold one.”

VERSION 2 The other version really isn’t much of a story, just that the michelada became a catch-all for a beer cocktail primarily consisting of light beer, hot sauce, and acid (usually lime).

In this instance, michelada translates to “my cold beer” derived from the following Spanish words: mi (my), chela (slang term for beer), and ada (from helada, a term for cold). It works, but definitely not the spicy origin story worthy of a michelada!

Regardless of the story or translation you choose to go with, the michelada has become a Mexican icon and classic staple of Mexican cuisine.

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