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Celebrating C/O 2020 Graduation this Weekend!

Celebrating C/O 2020 Graduation this Weekend!

It’s safe to say that the Class of 2020 has faced a senior year like none other in history. School closures created unprecedented challenges for universities, students, and families. We know that many of us are just trying to stay afloat during these extraordinary times. We know it’s hard, but we know that we’ll get through this. And we can still celebrate hard, Onyx style!

We’ve done the research and here are our favorite ways to celebrate this great accomplishment in life. Cheers to you can we can’t wait to celebrate on the dance floor as soon as doors open.

1.Join Facebook’s Virtual Graduation May 15. This is a little different but one thing to remember the majority of the world has the most boring speaker at graduation. This online ceremony is sure to avoid boredom and on the contrary, inspire most. Also who doesn’t need words of wisdom from Oprah and Lil Nas X.

2.Decorating your cap has always been one of the culminating steps before graduation. It’s the perfect opportunity to get those creative juices flowing after a tough semester. Pair that bad boy with your gown and have a photo shoot because its a milestone worth sharing! Check out some of our favorite caps on by visiting our Pinterest!

3.Zoom graduation party but with a wish list! Let’s be real, weather you are going to college or just leaving there are things you need to jump start your college career or future career. From dorm room supplies to interview swag, create a wish list and send it out. If it’s a party with just graduating friends, make it year book style, who will be most successful and who will continue to be the class clown spreading happiness!

4.It is never too early to start thinking of the future and your next steps. In fact its the perfect time to really get down with your planing skills. Start a vision board to motivate you and inform you with what is next. Quarantine doesn’t have to be over for you to continue to dream big.

5.Just like the Birthday parades have been a huge hit, so is this milestone. Honor the graduate with a social distancing parade. You can even design a gift box where family and friends can leave an inspirational card or you know at little $$$$moola.

6.Wait for the Graduation party mixes coming out this Friday night! Of course since we can’t provide the drinks, we’ll provide the music! It’s what we are best at. Get ready for Onyx Nightclub’s Graduation Party Mixes so that you to can celebrate the best you can.

Class of 2020 sure is graduating a bit different but it kinda cool how they can truly adapt to an ever-changing world. This year America’s seniors have the chance to #GratuateTogether.

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