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Celebrating Your Friend’s Quarantine Birthday!!!

Celebrating Your Friend’s  Quarantine Birthday!!!

Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, or just want to spread some happiness during quarantine, we’ve mastered up a list of best ideas. We maybe stuck at home but we can still get things delivered! Here are our list of ideas!

  • FOOD FEEDS THE SOUL: Everyone loves food and everyone needs to eat. With us all being in quarantine your friend might want a break from cooking or might just want to not worry about it. You can order their favorite take out and have options from DoorDash to UberEats, to Postmates and Grubhub, order them dinner and maybe include dessert!
  • GREEN DECORATES THE HOME: Do they like plants? Who doesn’t and they last a lot longer than flowers and are super low maintenance. With a huge variety visit North Park Nursery online or on Instagram to place an order. It’s only a $20 minimum for delivery and you’ll give one of the best presents.
  • WORDS BRING BRIGHTNESS: Share how much your friends means to you by creating a virtual birthday card to share. Especially during these times sharing how much your friend means to you can uplift them and make them feel celebrated right.
  • GET PERSONAL: Esty is a great way to get personal. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, or a quaran-WINE glass, everything can be custom made just for them. Something that says “It’s my quarantine birthday” because this memory is sure to last a lifetime.
  • STRAIGHT CASH MONEY: If you don’t know what they like or if you just want to sent them the list of ideas for them or do on their own, it’s as easy as Venmo, Zelle, or Cashapp them so they can online shop at their favorite store or choose from these other amazing ideas.
  • FUTURE NIGHT OUT: Start planning when you are coming and who you are inviting to Onyx Room Nightclub once we are open. There will be a lot to celebrate and so much time to make up with your amazing friends. Choose a date and get on the guest list or reserve bottle service and invite all your girls or all your boys!

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