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Blog / Uncategorized / Cinco de Mayo Wkd!!!

Cinco de Mayo Wkd!!!

Cinco de Mayo Wkd!!!


Cinco de Mayo in California is always a weekend of fun – you can celebrate it however you want, but here are a few ways to really embrace the spirit of the holiday.

1. Start your day early, and pick up some Mexican food for grilling! Grab some tortillas, carne asada or pollo asado, Tostito chips, guacamole, unos nopales or cebollitas and salsa. Set yourself up for a Mexican feast. Oh and don’t forget the cervezas!

2. If you haven’t already, download our Onyx Social App to play the best Banda and Regional music mixes. You can also blast some Mexican classics, here are a few to get you started:

¡Viva México! – by Pedro Galindo Galarza

México Lindo y Querido – by Chucho Monge

Cielito Lindo performed – by Pedro Infante

Que Bonita es Mi Tierra performed – by Javier Solís

El Rey – by Vicente Fernandez

3. Since Cinco de Mayo is so Americanized, (it’s not like el Dia de Independencia) it’s okay to get some day props! Fake mustaches are usually a must. If it’s raining the sombreros and Mexican ponchos are a must.

4. But before Sunday’s Cinco de Mayo celebrate, pick your favorite night (Friday or Saturday) to FIESTA with us at Onyx. Get dressed & ready to party because you’ll find the best latin party in town here at Onyx Room. So get on the list, head to the gaslamp, and get ready to start your Cinco De Mayo weekend the right way!

Oh… in case you didn’t know?

Cinco de Mayo isn’t as popular in Mexico as it is in the U.S. but Mexican’s are usually down for the party and the day off. This event is celebrated every 5th of May in memory of the early win of the Mexicans against the French army in the Puebla battle during the Franco-Mexican war (1861 – 1867) in Puebla. The Mexican army of 4,000 soldiers were able to defeat a French army of 8,000 soldiers thereby changing the course of history and forcing the French to take a step back.

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