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Daddy Yankee Shows El Chombo Reggaeton Is Alive & Kicking With ‘Problema’

Daddy Yankee Shows El Chombo Reggaeton Is Alive & Kicking With ‘Problema’

Earlier this month, Panamanian legend El Chombo set the internet on fire when he went on Molusco’s popular show and assured that reggaeton is dead . This claim sparked a debate that is still ongoing to this day, even leading the producer to give a masterclass on the genre on a lengthy video he uploaded on his YouTube channel. But one person who isn’t particularly pro-Chombo on this topic is Daddy Yankee .

The Boricua star first acknowledged Chombo’s words in a tweet, claiming, “Artists and producers are the only ones who die in reggaeton, exclude me from that one,” while hinting at the release of a new track. To build even more suspense, his whole Instagram account disappeared for two days, only to reappear yesterday with a video saying, “They say that supposedly reggaeton is dead. I don’t understand that, but if it’s true, I’ll resurrect it tonight.”


Well, the self-proclaimed “papá del reggaeton” did just that with his new banger “Problema,” making sure there’s no doubt the genre is alive and kicking. Accompanied by a hyper-glossy music video that’s equal parts perreo, Beychella, and Jabbawokeez, “Problema” is far from the diss track against El Chombo people were speculating it’d be. It’s actually a jam about a girl who wreaks havoc when she hits the dance floor, but Daddy Yankee proves his point by making it a well-rounded, undeniable reggaeton banger.

To be fair, El Chombo himself cited Daddy Yankee’s “Shaky Shaky” as one of the mainstream singles he considers true reggaeton, so he didn’t have to go this hard. But we’re so very glad he did.

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