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Blog / Uncategorized / DONDA: The New Album

DONDA: The New Album

DONDA: The New Album

Onyx Nightclub bringing you all of the hype with Kanye’s new album name and cover. The best nightclub bringing you the best news and culture.

After missing its supposed release date, Kanye West took to Twitter to unveil the cover art of his upcoming album DONDA.

The album art features an infrared scheme of orange and red that take the shape of the people and sun/moon in the sky, highlighted by green mountains and purple and white clouds. Spray painted hues of green and soft orange are splattered in the background, heavily contrasted by the sun/moon’s purple and black shadow.

Ye initially announced DONDA just a week ago with a now-deleted tweet and followed it up with a number of changing tracklists, maintaining the release date of July 24. The album failed to release, however, and a new date is yet to be announced.

Take a look at the DONDA album art below and stay tuned for a new release date.


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