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Euforia Thursdays is Launching!

Euforia Thursdays is Launching!

From mixtape to global genre, reggaeton music is it, it’s what is lit, it’s what hits!, and San Diego has yet to have one club and one night to have done it right, until now. 

Euforia Thursdays is the biggest, the best, and the only reggaeton party in the Gaslamp and it launches on Thursday, July 21st at Onyx Nightclub. We’ve designed a night just for what reggaeton calls for, unafraid to mix culture, sound, and dance with the creative urban energy. A Thursday that gives you the life you need to get you to the weekend. Como si estuviera en la playa pariseando. A night that causes noise with a rhythmic brilliance. A social event for friends and people to connect with the fiery and total sense of release, Euforia.  

Sign up for the guestlist today, or un VIP, because you are only one decision away from a totally different life.

Now, Everything You Need to Know About Reggaeton…

What do you think of when you hear boom-ch-boom-chick? Say it aloud a few times in a row and you’re actually making the signature beat of a popular type of music called Reggaeton. This style of music originated from Puerto Rico and started out being called Underground, because back in the early 1990’s it was mostly played at clubs and was not widely known. Reggaeton has many influences from all over Latin America and the world. The first part of the word Reggaeton, Reggae, refers to a style of music from Jamaica, but Reggaeton is also influenced by Spanish Reggae from Panama, Dancehall from Jamaica, Hip-Hop from New York, Salsa from Cuba, and Bomba also from Puerto Rico.

Once Reggaeton came out from underground and began to be played on the radio, some ​people thought that this music was inappropriate because the lyrics can contain controversial or violent themes. It’s important to understand that Reggaeton serves as a way for Puerto Rican youth to express their feelings about urban life and social problems like racism, poverty, and crime. Another unique aspect of this music is, unlike other “crossover” music that has become popular in non-Spanish speaking regions, Reggaeton continues to mostly be rapped or sung in Spanish. Currently, Reggaeton has become one of the most listened to music genres around the world and its popularity is still growing. Here are some of the most well known Reggaeton artists:

  • Vico C is one of the most iconic Spanish speaking rappers that started Underground music.
  • Ivy Queen is one of the most important figures in Reggaeton, making her start earlier than most of her male counterparts and representing the voice of women. The Hispanic Heritage Foundation recognized this pioneering “Queen of Reggaeton” with their 2021 Vision Award.
  • Tego Calderón centered blackness in Reggaeton and openly speaks about racial issues in Puerto Rico and Latin America.
  • Daddy Yankee is one of the first Underground artists; some say he was the first to use the term Reggaeton. His popular song, Gasolina, helped take this style of music to a worldwide audience.
  • Bad Bunny is one of the first Latin Trap artists, a sub-genre or a genre related to Reggaeton. He is one of the most streamed artists around the world, and his painted nails, colored hair, and style of dress break gender norms.
  • Karol G is a Reggaeton superstar on the rise. Driven to break genre barriers, she regularly collaborates with platinum artists like Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, and the Jonas Brothers.

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