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Fashion Week 2019

Fashion Week 2019


Paris, New York, London and Milan are the ‘big’ fours in the world of fashion. Starting from 5th September until October 1st, each of these big fours will host their respective fashion weeks. 

The most prestigious of the four and also the longest, the New York Fashion Week is one of the top destinations for models, fashion designers, and fashion enthusiasts. Designers proudly present their latest collections while models catwalk the ramp with style, attracting buyers, media, and celebrities from all over the world. 

Fashion Week of 2019, however, is more than just fancy couture and breathtaking ramp walks. World events play a critical role in fashion and this year has been a politically charged atmosphere for the world of fashion. A Gucci turban that angered Sikh groups, Prada merchandise that was criticized for resembling racist blackface imagery and a D&G ad that ignited a furor in China and the world for its stereotyped portrayal of a Chinese model eating Italian food with chopsticks. 

All these events have forced designers to take a step back and focus on using fashion to lead the way in diversity and inclusion. Of the big four, the New York Fashion Week usually leads the way in ‘body positivity, diversity and powerful political statements.’ This was visible in the recent exhibit with a child amputee walking the runway made fashion history. Similarly, Prabal Gurung, a Nepalese-American fashion designer based in New York used the catwalk to talk about racism, criticizing the Trump Administration and honoring the #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke.

Apart from the political statements and social causes, Fashion Week 2019 also brings a new approach to clothing styles and trends. Here’s what in vogue!

Streetstyle Wear 

Individuality is often lost when designers try hard to create outrageous outfits just to get photographed. This year though designers stayed true to their personal style and created interesting outfits for ordinary, streetwear. 

Small chic bags

Gone are the trends of big bulky bags. This year it’s the micro bags. With brands like Coach and Jacquemus introducing micro bags (and Rihanna carrying one!), micro bags are the new cool. Match them up with monochrome dresses and you’re following the latest fashion trends. 

 Plaid Blazers are back

This fall, get your favorite plaid blazer set and don it over your teeshirt or black top. For 2019, the focus is on complete suits and plaid blazer sets are just one of the many matching suit sets seen in the Fashion Week. 

Lavender and Peach Hues 

Color tones are gravitating towards lavender and peach hues for accessories as well as dresses. If you’re looking for something subtle but also exciting, lavender boots, dresses, coats or head ensembles are just perfect for this fall. 


Want to dabble in gothic wear? Neo-gothic streetwear is the rage this year and since it’s fall, you can get away with black and chic red color to go along. You can also cross-mix styles – say wear a plaid blazer set with gothic accessories and dark boots to go along! 

The world of fashion this year is gravitating towards individualistic styles, boasting powerful personal statements and keeping it all subtle but exciting. This year, it’s all about confidence in the making! So pay attention to the stand outs this year, and get ready to dress your best and come party at Onyx!