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Tips for Women Going Clubbing for the First Time

Tips for Women Going Clubbing for the First Time

If you’re getting ready to go clubbing with your girl gang for the first time, you’ll have a lot more fun and be a lot safer if you’re prepared before you go out. Follow these simple but important tips to get organized for your first night out. Even if you’ve gone clubbing countless times, share this guide with a girlfriend who’s new to the game and get ready to party at the best clubs in San Diego!

Always Go with Friends

Going clubbing for the first time can be intimidating, so it’s not a great idea to go alone. Instead, make sure you go with a couple of close friends you trust so you can look out for each other if anything happens while you’re out. This is especially important for first-time clubbers. Besides, sharing the fun with your friends will make it an even more memorable night!

Always take a friend with you to the restroom, especially if you’re feeling tipsy. It’s also a good idea to let someone else who isn’t going to the club with you know where you’ll be for the night.

Pack the Essentials

You won’t need to take much with you, but there are some essential items you’ll need to make sure to pack. The must-have items to include are: 

  • Purse – Carry a small purse you can strap securely to your body.
  • ID – Don’t even think of leaving your ID at home, because getting in the door to the club will be a hassle without it, and chances are you won’t get in at all. 
  • Credit or debit cards – You’ll need these so you won’t have to worry about fumbling with cash at the door or the bar. 
  • Toiletries – Take a few makeup essentials so you can touch up your eyeliner or lipstick, and bring some tissues, because club restrooms are notorious for running out of toilet paper.
  • Other essentials – Take your house keys, and if you have room in your purse, pack a charger for your phone. 

Keep Track of Your Drinks

Always, always keep your eye on your drinks! This can’t be stressed enough for all women going clubbing, not just first-timers. Buy your own drinks or have one of your girlfriends order them for you. Don’t accept drinks from strangers or even male friends you know. It’s just not worth the risk.

Reserve a Shared Ride

This is one of the most important tips for anyone who’s going clubbing, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth. The best option is to have someone else drop you off and pick you up. Don’t rely on getting a ride from someone you’re partying with because there’s a good chance that by the end of the night, you’re all going to be at least tipsy, if not totally wasted. If your group has a designated driver, that’s cool, but if not, you can always book an Uber or Lyft. Don’t wait until you’re ready to go home, though. Your judgment might be pretty fuzzy by then, so do yourself a huge favor by arranging your transportation home before you even head out the door to go to the club.

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