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What to Do when You’re Looking for Saturday Night Fun in San Diego

What to Do when You’re Looking for Saturday Night Fun in San Diego

San Diego is the kind of city where Saturday nights are never boring. Instead of settling down on the couch with the remote and Netflix, check out some of these fun options, which range from chilling on a sunset harbor cruise to hitting the dance floor at sizzling nightclubs.

Go Out in the Gaslamp

Not many cities in Southern California have a nightlife district like the Gaslamp Quarter, where you’ll find dozens of trendy bars, lively pubs, and electrifying nightclubs all within walking distance of each other. Every night in the Gaslamp is exciting, especially Saturday night, when top DJs spin at the hottest Gaslamp nightclubs, including Onyx Room.

Take a Sunset Harbor Cruise

One of the best ways to bask in the splendor of the San Diego harbor is to catch the sunset right from the water aboard one of the cruise ships that sail from Seaport Village. Sunset cruises offer cocktails, gourmet snacks, and music. Most of the cruise companies have DJs on board, and you might even catch a live performance from time to time. These short harbor excursions usually last between two and four hours, depending on which Saturday night package you choose, which means you’ll still have plenty of time to grab some dinner and drinks and hit the clubs after you get back to shore.

Try Some Old-School Arcade Action

You can have a blast playing old-school arcade games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man in various spots around San Diego. At the Coin-Op Gaslamp barcade on 6th Avenue, you can enjoy tasty cocktails, gourmet snacks, and pizza while you play arcade cabinet games or pinball. The playlist at the Coin-Op features music from the early 2000s, so get ready to groove while you play.

Have Dinner in Little Italy

Sitting down to enjoy a nice meal in a Little Italy restaurant or bistro on a Saturday night is a San Diego tradition that just keeps getting better. San Diego’s Little Italy has more restaurants than its New York City counterpart, which means you should be able to find a table without having to make a reservation. If you find some of the trendy eateries are a little too busy, you won’t have to walk far to find another place.

Cheer for the Padres at Petco Park

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the MLB lockout before the 2022 season, baseball fans in San Diego are super stoked to be able to see their beloved Padres in action at Petco Park. Fans love going to the ballpark on Saturday nights, which is when some of the biggest teams in the league come to town. On April 23rd, the Los Angeles Dodgers will play their first series against the Padres at 5:40 p.m. Petco Park is known for having the best gourmet-friendly concessions of any park in North America, so chow down on Cravory Cookies and Grand Ole BBQ or grab a hot dog with a Tijuana twist from the Barrio Dogg stand.

When you’re up for some fun on a Saturday night and looking for the best Latin and hip hop clubs in San Diego, check out Onyx Room, a staple of the Gaslamp Quarter nightlife scene. With music genres including hip hop, top 40, urban Latin, reggaeton, bachata, salsa, merengue, regional, cumbia, and Banda, we have something to please everyone’s taste. You’ll fit right in with our open-minded, up-for-anything, and, above all, incredibly friendly crowd. Our inviting atmosphere and welcoming staff will ensure you have an experience unlike any other. To learn more about why Onyx Nightclub is the best San Diego nightclub, call us at 619-876-8044.

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