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Game of Thrones Death Pool Bracket

Game of Thrones Death Pool Bracket


Since the time Game of Thrones came into our lives, we’ve been finding ways to cope with the tragic death of the characters we’ve come to love and know. Some cope by preparing themselves to accept the fact that all characters must die. Some cope by predicting deaths and some by turning it into a quick money-making game!

A few months ago, a Reddit user posted the picture of a prediction sheet  made by his boss for all GoT fans at work. The sheet has three columns (Alive, Dead, White Walker) against the character names and fans need to tick against the column they think will be the fate of the character. For every right guess, the fan wins $10! Needless to say, a small game like this picked up traction online and fans are literally making predictions as the final season is expected to arrive in April. Having gone viral, this game is now known as Game of Thrones Death Pool Bracket and people are not having enough of it!

The last season saw Daenerys Targaryen arriving in Westeros with her army and three dragons waging war against the Lannisters. She later joins Jon Snow who is still seen fighting the Army of the Dead to eventually defeat the White Walker army. In the end episode of season 7, the audience finally finds out who Jon’s parents are and his heritage. In the upcoming finale of Season 8 which premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 14 will be the final season in this 7 years long saga. Consisting of only six episodes, the series will feature content that is not even seen in the original books since Martin’s book is still ongoing and has not reached its ending yet. Nothing to despair though since the producers and George Martin do agree on the eventual conclusion even if it means taking different routes.


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