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GOT 21 Episodes to Rewatch

GOT 21 Episodes to Rewatch


Seven seasons, 67 episodes—and soon to be 73 episodes, after Game of Thrones‘ final-season ends this May. An ensemble comprising of more than two dozen main characters, each belonging to families whose lineages bring with them an inheritance of conflict both internal and external, which informs the story at hand.

There’s a reason why virtually every Game of Thrones fan spent the unconscionably long hiatus leading up to the final season rewatching everything that came before but for those that need a quick catch up, here is your quick list!

Season 1: E1, E2, E9, & E10

Season 2: E3, E6, & E9

Season 3: E3, E4, E5, & E9

Season 4: E6, E8, & E10

Season 5: E8

Season 6: E5, E9, & E10

Season 7: E3, E4, & E7

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