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HBO Shares Trailer for ‘Euphoria’ Holiday Special

HBO Shares Trailer for ‘Euphoria’ Holiday Special

Fans awaiting for new episodes of HBO’s Euphoria won’t have to wait much longer, with the special holiday episode finally arriving later this week.


Ahead of the launch of the new episode, which will be split into two parts judging from the wording HBO and Zendaya have used to describe it as “Rue: Part 1,” a trailer has been released. Picking up immediately after the Season 1 finale of the show, which undoubtedly shocked fans, the trailer promises a focus on Zendaya’s Rue Bennett. The trailer comes not long after Zendaya teased the episode on Twitter with a pair of posters that warned, “THIS IS NOT SEASON 2.”

The trailer also proudly flaunts that Zendaya is now an Emmy Award winner thanks to her performance in the series, which made her the youngest winner of the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award. HBO has yet to announce the release date for the second episode, but the first is directed and written by series creator Sam Levinson. It’s safe to assume that the details surrounding the second part are being kept under wraps to avoid spoiling anything. Perhaps it will showcase a different perspective, or it could provide yet another close look at the lead of the show.

The new episode of Euphoria is set to debut on HBO Max on Dec. 6.

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