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How to Dress to Impress When Going Out to a Club (Women)

How to Dress to Impress When Going Out to a Club (Women)

Enter a club and all eyes are on you. At this moment, you want to feel like a diva and own the place. How do you do that? By choosing the right clothes, accessories and makeup style. Here’s how you can dress to impress at a club!  

—–Choosing the right clothes —–

You can choose the right clothes when you know the type of club you’re attending. Do they have a dress-code? Are you going to a fancy nightclub or is just a local bar? Choose you clothes according to the event, the type of club and the people coming there. Mini-skirts and leather pants topped with a solid-color blouse like maroon or blue are your safest options if you don’t know about the dress code.

—–Getting Your MakeUp Right —–

Ladies, this is the time to use your best makeup and hair styling skills! Do make sure though you don’t overdo with the bold colors. If you love dark eye makeup, keep the lip color in neutral shade. If you love dark lipstick, keep your eye makeup minimal!

—–Accessories & Essentials —–

Accessorize according to your dress theme. If you’re in a leather skirt or jacket, pearls or gold may not be the best choice compared to silver and bronze. Similarly, avoid holding a clutch and opt for a cross-body bag instead. You don’t want to worry about your clutch while you’re dancing or having a drink.

—–Wear the right perfume —–

You’ll be sweating when you dance for an hour or more so make sure your perfume is mild and does not turn into a bad odor when mixed with the sweat!

—–Be confident and comfortable —–

Remember as much as style is needed, comfort is important too, so wear something that you can breathe in, easily move around with and can have fun without feeling uncomfortable!

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