How Do You Flirt with a Guy at a Nightclub?

Tips for Flirting with Guys at Nightclubs

Tips for Flirting with Guys at Nightclubs

You may not be going to the nightclub expecting to meet your soulmate, but you still want to be ready to meet fun new people, so your flirting skills need to be on point. With great music playing and a crowd of people having fun all around you, flirting with guys in San Diego nightclubs can be a lot easier than you might expect. If a guy in the club catches your eye, follow these flirting tips and see where the night takes you. 

Watch Him for a Few Minutes First

Check out what he’s wearing, who he’s with, what he’s drinking, and how he’s acting. Does it look like he’s there just to have fun with his buddies, or is he constantly checking out the people in the club for potential romantic partners? If you notice he’s already there with a partner, you’ll need to focus your attention elsewhere.

Initiate a Conversation

If the guy is at the bar, make your way over and order a drink. If he turns toward you, make eye contact and smile. If he maintains eye contact and responds with a smile of his own, you’ve definitely gotten his attention. 

Find a way to start a friendly conversation. For instance, if you’re both waiting at the bar, say something like “Can you believe how crowded this place is?” or “What kind of beer are you drinking?” When he responds, introduce yourself and keep the conversation going. Most people like to talk about themselves, so make it about him, not you. Encourage him to talk about himself and his interests. While the conversation is flowing, send him nonverbal signals that communicate you’re interested. Listen as much as you talk, nod, smile, and maintain eye contact to show you’re paying attention. 

Use a Light Touch

If you’re enjoying the conversation and genuinely starting to like the guy, reach over and touch his arm lightly while you’re talking. But unless your intention is to send an obvious invitation for a hookup, don’t fall all over him. Keep it relaxed and casual. You might want to keep talking and flirting, or you could move to the dance floor. It’s up to you where you want the night to take you.

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