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How to Avoid Getting Drunk during a Fun Night Out

How to Avoid Getting Drunk during a Fun Night Out

Alcohol impairs judgment and memory, so if you drink too much when you go out, it’s easy to do something you’ll regret or lose things like your wallet, keys, or phone. A few drinks can turn into a few too many before you know it, but no matter what everyone else is doing, you can drink without getting drunk and still have a fantastic night out. Here are some ways to enjoy a few drinks without getting totally wasted while you party at the best clubs in San Diego.

Set Your Limits Ahead of Time

Before you head out for a night of clubbing, set a limit on how many drinks you’ll have, and then stick to that limit. Everyone has a different tolerance level for alcohol, so decide on a number that works for you instead of going by what your friends are doing.

You also need to consider how much drinks cost. They aren’t cheap, so before you hit the clubs, figure out how much money you’re willing to spend. While you’re still sober, you can make a rational decision about how much you can afford.

Also, remember that alcohol content varies widely among different drinks, so plan your choices accordingly. Beer and cider usually contain about 5 percent alcohol, wine and champagne have 12 percent, and shots have 40 percent. 

Don’t Drink Too Fast

You can avoid getting drunk by spacing out the time between your drinks. Decide on a specific amount of time you’ll wait between drinks (an hour is a good mark to shoot for), and make sure that much time passes before you order another. 

Savor the flavor of that tasty local craft beer or delicious cocktail by drinking it more slowly. That way, you’ll enjoy it more and get more bang for your buck. Alternating between booze and soft drinks or water is also a great way to take it slow when you’re drinking. 

Get Comfortable with Saying No

It’s hard to refuse when your buddy offers to buy you a drink, but don’t let peer pressure guide your decisions. If you’ve had enough for the moment, just say, “No thanks, I’m good,” and steer the conversation to another topic. 

You may be worried your friends will make fun of you, but that doesn’t actually happen very often. Most people, especially good friends, won’t care if you don’t drink as much or as fast as they do. It’s more important to keep track of how much you’re drinking than it is to keep up with the people around you.

Stay Away from Rounds & Shots 

It’s great to buy your friends a drink, but if there are a lot of people in your group, buying rounds can quickly turn into an expensive session of full-on drinking. That could quickly spoil your plan for not getting drunk, and it could put a big dent in your bank account, too. Sticking to drinks you can sip instead of doing shots is also a good idea because they’re easier to space out and drink more slowly. 

Drink Water & Eat Some Food

For each alcoholic drink you have, drink a soda or a glass of water. Also, make sure to eat a meal before you start drinking to slow down the effects of the alcohol. Carbs are a great choice because they’re especially efficient at absorbing alcohol. 

Have a Backup Plan 

Ask a buddy to help you keep track of how many drinks you’re having and remind you when to slow down. If that doesn’t work, your friend can have your back if you end up drinking too much. Before you start drinking, come up with a plan for how you’ll get home, and set aside money for an Uber or a taxi just in case you do drink more than you’d planned to.

Have Fun!

You can definitely have a blast without drinking too much when you go clubbing. Concentrate on the conversations you’re enjoying, the people you’re with, and the fun you’re having on the dance floor. One of the best things about not getting drunk is that you’ll wake up without a hangover, and you won’t have regrets about anything stupid you did because you were wasted. So enjoy a few drinks, hit the hottest clubs, and have a fantastic night out! 

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