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Tips for Politely Ordering Drinks when You’re at the Club

Tips for Politely Ordering Drinks when You’re at the Club

Your mom and dad probably taught you to be polite no matter where you are or who you’re with, and going out to a club doesn’t mean you get to leave your manners at the door. Common courtesy doesn’t cost a thing, and you’ll make the bartender your friend if you treat him or her with respect by following these tips for politely ordering drinks when you head out to the hottest clubs in downtown San Diego

Have Your Order Ready

You should know what you want before you approach the bar, especially if the club is busy. Help the bartender out by making the conversation as easy, quick, and efficient as possible. 

If you’re still trying to decide what you want, stand a couple of feet away from the bar to let the bartender know you’re not quite ready to order. If the bar isn’t busy, you can ask the bartender for a drink recommendation. But if you don’t know what you’d like and the bar is busy:

  • Check out the bar menu for wine, beer, and cocktail choices
  • Order a basic well drink, such as a gin and tonic or a rum and Coke
  • Look at the beer taps and pick one that looks appealing

Wait for the Bartender to Notice You

When you know what you want, move up to the bar, put your hands on the counter, and make eye contact to let the bartender know you’re ready to order. Never yell, snap your fingers, whistle, or wave money at the bartender. Once the bartender is ready, he or she will come over and ask you what you’d like.

Speak Clearly 

Loud music and crowds of people having a great time can make it hard for the bartender to hear what you’re saying. Speak loudly (but don’t shout), enunciate clearly, and say exactly what you want. Don’t abbreviate your order by saying something like “Chard” instead of “Chardonnay” because it could be hard to understand. Instead, say, “Could I please have a glass of your house Chardonnay?”

If you’re ordering a mixed drink, say the type of liquor first and then specify the mixer, if any, you’d like. Here a few examples:

  • “May I have a rum and Coke, please?”
  • “Two gin and tonics, please.”
  • “Could I get a vodka and cranberry juice? Thank you!”

Order All Your Drinks at the Same Time

If you’re planning to get more than one drink, order them all at once. Don’t order one drink, wait for the bartender to come back, and then order another and then another. This wastes the bartender’s time and keeps him or her from being able to serve other guests efficiently. You should also have your money ready to pay the bartender when he or she comes back with your drinks, and make sure to leave a tip.

Always Say “Please” & “Thank You”

This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth emphasizing. Being polite in any situation always involves saying “please” and “thank you” when it’s appropriate. Your bartender isn’t your servant, and he or she will appreciate this bit of common courtesy.

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