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Influencer Spotlight

Influencer Spotlight


Combine epic makeup skills with a Snapchat empire and you’ve got Desi Perkins, the sun-kissed glamazon from LA. Known for her trailblazing fashion sense and seamlessly sexy makeup, she’s an addictive staple in your roster of social media leaders. She’s also a major beauty influencer, creating instructional tutorials that help ladies at home add a dash of celeb-level spice to their looks. Between her role as a YouTube ninja, her jet-setting lifestyle and her day-to-day fabulousness, Desi is a public figure who elegantly embodies the finer things in life. 

One look-through of Desi’s Instagram page says it all – chic. Each post captures a strong piece of her personality, from her love of personal styling to her effortless modelling abilities. When showcasing a new outfit, she always models herself within the ideal backdrop, offering  just the right ambiance and setting to match the look. Whether it’s sporty loungewear on an airplane or an exotic maxi dress by the poolside, she knows exactly where to rock an outfit. 


And if you’re one of the 3.3 million followers on her Instagram, you’ll know all about her wanderlust lifestyle. Like a high-fashion teleporter, Desi is always going from one gorgeous destination to another. 

Desi’s rise to Insta fame is also largely attributed to her out-of-control makeup talents. With her sun-kissed approach to bronzing and highlighter, Desi ignites her face in all sorts of breathtaking ways. Matching her radiantly balayaged hair, her golden use of colors make her a real-life sun goddess. Best of all, she doesn’t hide behind her glam and loves to take a confident natural selfie every once in awhile. Props to you, girl! 

If you love the California look and want to brush up on your makeup skills, you can subscribe to Desi’s YouTube channel. She offers practical tips for achieving the latest techniques, helping gals experiment like artists at home. Each video is flawless in its execution, complete with serene background music and top-notch editing, on par with any designer brand video. Watch them for fun or to learn some new skills, but either way, you’re in for a treat.


Article written by Furlesscosmetics.com, for more info visit: https://furlesscosmetics.com/blogs/default-blog/desi-perkins

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