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Is Dancing a Good First Date?

Is Dancing a Good First Date?

So you’re trying to figure out what you should do on your first date with that special guy or gal. Go out for coffee? Have dinner at a fancy restaurant? Those ideas are fine, but they’re not very original. There’s no law that says you have to do what everyone else does. Why not throw out the dating playbook and set your sights on having a truly memorable evening by heading to one of the upscale clubs in downtown San Diego for a night of dancing instead of just sitting at a table and swapping small talk? Ditch the ordinary dinner-and-a-movie routine and make plans for a perfect dance date. Here are a few reasons going dancing on a first date can be a great idea.

It’s a Lot of Fun

We’ve all been on dinner dates that turn out to be dreadfully dreary or so stressful they feel like you’re sitting through a job interview. If you’re shy and sitting across the table from someone you don’t know well, time can slow to a mind-numbing crawl while you try to come up with something meaningful to say. But when you’re twirling around on the dance floor with other people who are having a blast, you don’t have to worry about making interesting conversation. Dancing and laughing together will help you break the ice like nothing else can.

It’s a Great Way to Get Close

Dancing is the perfect way to get closer to your date without crossing personal boundaries. It lets you flirt with each other and enjoy a bit of intimacy without making either of you feel awkward or uncomfortable. Moving together on the dance floor creates a spark that can give you a fantastic way to bond with each other.

It’s Romantic

If you want to inject a bit of romance into the evening, dancing is the perfect way to do it. Dancing is all about feeling, a physical back-and-forth form of communication where you instinctively move in time with the other person. There’s nothing more magic than swooning as you glide gracefully across the dance floor in unison with a partner. 

It Lets You Discover Each Other

If you and your date are completely new to each other, dancing can open a channel of communication that helps you get a different, more genuine understanding of each other. Dancing is an age-old universal language that lets you communicate without words, and you start to become partners instead of two people who are far too focused on the impression they’re making.

It’s a Stress Reliever

Every first date is nerve-wracking, but dancing gets the blood flowing and releases endorphins that relieve stress, boost mood, and stimulate positive feelings. Combine this with some great music and captivating beats, and those first-date nerves will be gone before you know it. 

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