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J. Cole – Snow On Tha Bluff

J. Cole – Snow On Tha Bluff

Onyx Nightclub is bringing you the latest drops. In music and in wear (that’s coming stay tuned)! This surprise single dropped Tuesday night June 16th, is a direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests over the killings of George Floyd and several other black Americans. In the song, he struggles to understand how to best use his voice as a celebrity.

However, many have interpreted the song to be a diss track aimed at Chicago-based rapper Noname, 28, who’s been using social media as an outlet for “black radical unity” and anti-racism activism.

“My IQ is average, there’s a young lady out there, she way smarter than me / I scrolled through her timeline in these wild times, and I started to read / She mad at these crackers, she mad at these capitalists, mad at these murder police,” Cole, 35, raps. “She mad at my n - - - - s, she mad at our ignorance, she wear her heart on her sleeve / She mad at the celebrities, low-key I be thinkin’ she talkin’ ’bout me.”

Last month, Noname posted a now-deleted tweet about her anger at high-profile black rappers who hadn’t yet vocalized their support of Black Lives Matter. “Poor black folks all over the country are putting their bodies on the line in protest for our collective safety and y’all top selling rappers not even willing to put a tweet up,” she wrote, according to screenshots. “N - - - - s whole discographies be about black plight and they no where to be found.”

However, Cole has been spotted at protests in his hometown in North Carolina, ABC reports.

In “Snow,” Cole goes after an unnamed woman for her holier-than-thou attitude: “Just ’cause you woke and I’m not, that s - - t ain’t no reason to talk like you better than me . . . I’m on some ‘F - - k a retweet,’ most people is sheep / You got all the answers but how you gon’ reach?”

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