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‘Last Dance’: Michael Jordan Series is Most-Viewed ESPN Documentary Ever

‘Last Dance’: Michael Jordan Series is Most-Viewed ESPN Documentary Ever

We did it. We’re all the way through The Last Dance and it did exactly what everyone thought it would: provide non-stop entertainment throughout all 10 episodes. With no sports on TV, this was the perfect escape and a wonderful trip down memory lane. For the younger generation this was also a nice introduction to just how good Michael Jordan and those Bulls teams were. And for those who lived through it, it was an epic trip filled with all of the nostalgia of the 90s.

Of course, while this doc provided us with plenty of entertainment, it also has spurred plenty of debate and put a number of old topics back under the spotlight. From MJ’s gambling issues to the Jordan vs. LeBron debate, social media has been on fire for the past month about everything Jordan, and for good reason. There’s very little else to talk about in sports right now. With all of the debates, comes some Monday Morning Quarterbacking, as well.

Who’s a winner in the doc? Duh. Where else to start? Of course MJ was the big winner of the doc about MJ. While some have criticized that throughout the 10 episodes we really only saw the controversial Jordan moments through the lens of Jordan, you have to realize that’s what happens when the subject is heavily involved. He was always going to be the big winner in this entire thing. Like we said in the intro, the younger generation just got a full on crash course on why the majority of sports fans call Michael Jordan the GOAT. It’s well-deserved and this doc laid out his greatness. 

But what about the LeBron vs. Jordan Debates?

Whew, if you thought these were going away anytime soon, you were sorely mistaken. This doc reignited the debates and probably gave them fuel for years to come. Any ground the LeBron crowd thought they made up in the chase for the GOAT was likely conceded a bit throughout The Last Dance. Now we just need Bron to go out and win another ring to really set this thing on fire.

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