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Law of Attraction… Top Perfumes That Will Let You Travel (When COVID Won’t)

Law of Attraction… Top Perfumes That Will Let You Travel (When COVID Won’t)

Onyx Nightclub knows the way to find someone in the club is by looks and smell (and of course moves, dance moves). Today we will just focus on smell. The fifth sense (the sense of smell) is a powerful one, which is why the fragrances you wear can be such a defining feature, and the scents you smell can often be an important factor when forming opinions.

Fragrances can evoke strong emotions in people; a smell instantly drawing you back to past time-gone-by with it’s nostalgia-enhancing qualities, or perhaps a comforting scent that reminds you so strongly of a loved one, or simply the ‘smell of home’. 

They can also be incredibly alluring – filling up your senses with pheromones of the opposite sex and drawing you to them inexplicably, or vice-versa. Never underestimate the power of a sexy fragrance and the power it can unwittingly wield on others.

From Chanel to Tom Ford and Robert Piguet, we’ve rounded up 10 of the sexiest fragrances you can possibly own. With descriptions like “pure sex in a bottle” and “sweetly seductive”, these musk-drenched scents are sure to get the juices flowing…

Shop Now Chanel’s perfumes are, of course, some of the most classic around – but we particularly love the Mademoiselle version. 

Its off-beat mix of orange, jasmine and rose still makes this one of the most mysterious and exciting perfumes to date – but it’s the upped dose of Patchouli that’s got us well and truly hooked. If ever you’re flagging, but need to pull it out of the bag for a party or big event, wear this. You’ll be able to face anything. 

Shop Now Red’s editor-in-chief describes this as ‘pure sex in a bottle for mavericks and intellectuals’ and it’s hard to think of a more seductive, more sensual, more flirty, more daring scent.

When you Google sexiest fragrances of all time (please don’t, though – we want you here!) this always features first.

Tuberose is one of the most heady, carnal ingredients in perfumery and Fracas is oozing it in its butteriest, most inviting form. You’ve been warned.

Shop Now Musk amplifies the smell of anything you put on afterwards, but crucially it exalts the smell of skin itself.

Spray on Kiehl’s version and you immediately evoke skin and sin in equally joyous parts. Feeling a little bit naughty, dirty, even? This is the one.

Shop Now Musk, we’ve seen, is a seriously sexy ingredient, which explains why this musk-drenched fragrance is, to paraphrase perfume expert Raymond Chandler, a scent ‘to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window’.

Since its launch in 2003, thousands have fallen under the spell cast by creamy vanilla, heady orange blossom, sultry patchouli and, of course, lashings of sexy musk.

Shop Now Everything Tom Ford has sex as an undertone, but if you want something less full-on than his classically sexy Black Orchid (from £59) and more sweetly seductive, this could be for you.

Shop Now A fresh, unisex fragrance inviting you to a sunny escape in the gardens of Sicily, enjoying juicy oranges and a refreshing breeze. This scent draws it originality from the unique alchemy of blood orange paired with the precious citrus fruit bergamot, an homage to the wonders of nature and the beauty of raw materials. To create your own signature fragrance, layer this scent with other Aqua Allegoria fragrances for a unique olfactory creation.

Shop Now Mandarin as passionate as a sunset. It’s the lengthening of a perfect day. Watching night fall. Drinking in colours. Standing before the horizon. In this iridescent fragrance, the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud holds onto the moment, captures the resonance of a sunset. The ardent mandarin is consumed by joyfulness, tempered by the diaphanous ambrette and its subtle warmth. And the evening gets underway as graceful, vanilla-tinged benzoin envelops the skin in an affectionate balm, as light as a summer night.

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