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No hangovers: Pre Night Out Preparations

No hangovers: Pre Night Out Preparations


That horrible headache in the morning driving you insane; that drowsy mood that makes you want to snap at everyone; that feeling of being wasted are all consequences of a bad hangover. Good news is, if you put in some pre-night out preps, you won’t have to face a terrible morning. Here’s how!

—–Never go out on an empty stomach —–

Alcohol is absorbed directly in your bloodstream and when it’s on an empty stomach, the effect is instant and terrible. It’s always advisable to have a good meal before you go out for a drink. If you can’t have a meal at home, then order something at the bar to eat before you drink. The food will minimize the shock of alcohol absorption in your bloodstream.

—–Keep yourself hydrated ——

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you’ll wake up feeling dehydrated with a dry throat, lips and tongue. To prevent the dryness, drink at least three to four glass of water to help flush out the alcohol and also to keep your body hydrated. Water is the best pre-night hangover cure. You might have to spend the night visiting the loo but that is way better than a terrible morning.

—–Prepare a hangover cure the night before —–

If you know you’ll get drunk, prepare a hangover cure before going out. It may seem cumbersome, but it will save you the effort of having to make it next morning when you’re already experiencing a hangover. Simple recipes like ginger juice (make before to reheat in the morning), coconut water, peppermint tea etc can be kept ready for the next morning.

Remember, preventing a hangover is better than having to spend time curing it. You won’t have the energy to get anything done on a hangover morning, so if you really want to minimize the effects, control your alcohol intake, eat before you go and stay hydrated!

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