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Onyx Is Back and Ready To Open

Onyx Is Back and Ready To Open

Everything You Need To Know About Onyx Opening!

Opening date

Right in time for summer, Onyx is the place to get your sweat on. Onyx is back and devoted to giving you the best nights for the rest of your life. Let us be real, our opening date has been the most anticipated moment in San Diego nightlife (for anyone cultural and anyone Latino). Not for one moment did we think we were not going to open, and for all moments we were waiting for it to be safe for you and your best. The countdown is here. We got 18 days until your grand entrance into what you call home and the best nightclub in San Diego’s Gaslamp. We will see you here Onyx Summer 2021, it is going to hit different! #nocap


We are continuously taking all the precautions necessary to ensure that you are in the safest environment here at Onyx Nightclub. This is the reason we did not open once during the pandemic. We pride ourselves in making this a place for everyone and that includes safety.­­ Since then we have upgraded our AC system with UV technology and will consistently be wiping all areas in the venue. We advise the use of masks and recommend you be vaccinated when you come to the party. If you are sick, please stay home, we will be here for you once you are better. Check your temperature and take care of your health and be aware of those around you. If you have further questions email [email protected]


The entrance for Onyx has always been $20. It will remain the same.

Guest list

We are keeping our guestlist. Sign up on our website any date you wish to come to the venue. You will automatically get an event ticket in your email. Arrive and get checked in between 9pm-10pm and you will receive a discounted rate for entrance. Onyx regular entrance is $20, if you have arrived and are checked in before 10pm you will receive a 50% discount. The cover will then be $10 for entrance.

Bottle service

Ready to feel like a VIP? Well, our VIP team is highly motivated and ready to make you feel like one.  Our 2 or our 3 rooms are lined with amazing VIP tables for you and your favorite party people. Minimums for tables depend on the number of people in your party. We can help you reserve one of our 16 tables within our venue. If you would like more information text 619.876.8044.

Dress code  

We take pride in our work and that includes how we look; we hope you do too. If you are ever in doubt do not wear it out. We DO NOT allow the following common items: hats or caps of any kind, Jordans or Nike shoes, baggy clothes, sandals, or summer shorts. Although we have listed some items we recommend you review the entirety of the dress code.

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