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Onyx’s Mother’s Day Guide…

Onyx’s Mother’s Day Guide…

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we pulled together a few things we think Mom will love—including local pick up spots, shops, some of our tried & true favorites, some timeless gifts that get better with age, plus a few things that might make time spent at home just a little bit sweeter and cozier.


Flowers are perfection and you can’t go wrong with this gift. Maybe your mom is just extraordinary and this is only part one of her gift. Here is our list including local vendors you can support here in our San Diego community!

Native Poppy‘s in North and South Park is definitely a great option for native looking bouquets. It’s a total minimalist look from the garden but with, you know, expensive taste like momma deserves. You can also package it up with boxes full of scented candles, cards, vases and cute little books.


Yipoa Coffee’s specialty is Colombian Coffee but they have a super cute Mother’s Day box for only $35. So if your momma is coffee snob this is the perfect package, since we all know Columbia Coffee is one of the best! Box includes: One 12oz Bellavista Specialty Coffee☕️ bag + One Gerbera flower bouquet ? + Card with a custom message ?


Florabella comes with a plus, this cookie add on tho!


San Diego Floral Design has the options, from boxed to vases to just handheld, their floral bouquets are ones your mom is sure to want surrounding her on Mother’s Day!



Balloons are a great way to show the amount of love you have for your momma. From taking up space in your heart to taking up space on the dinning room table, balloons demonstrate love and happiness, its universal.

Luxan Balloon Bar is trendy balloon style and decor. It’s the perfect gift for those mommas that love the FACE or that do it for the GRAM. It’s the background to the happiest Mother’s Day.


Yummy Treats

The perfect way to be sweet on Mother’s Day is to give sweets. You can choose to make your own treats but let’s be real, who wants a messy kitchen? Check out these yummy yum ready to be ordered by you and eaten by momma.

Berrynice has it in the bag with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. I mean Mother’s Day definitely calls for that bubbly, so the only thing you’ll need to get before showing it to you momma is some orange juice for MOMosas.  


Jackie’s Sweets can be found on IG and ordered on via DM. Check out the delicious and different arrangements they have. This type of gift is sure to put a smile on momma’s face.


If you wanna go even bigger, check out Complex’s 10 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $200 or Vogue’s Looking for Mother’s Day Flowers? Order One of These Beautiful Bouquets. 77

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