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Onyx’s Quarantine Birthday Celebration Guide

Onyx’s Quarantine Birthday Celebration Guide

Onyx nightclub has always been a top contender for celebrating a birthday for San Diego Locals. And for years we have done our best to celebrate with you the best we know how to, with a lit ass party! 
But COVID-19 has dropped some changes and given us an opportunity to brainstorm unconventional ways to celebrate. Here are our top picks! 

  1. Birthday Parade- Organize a drive by birthday parade. You can log on to your neighborhood Facebook page or make a general announcement on social or keep it small with a simple text. Ask your friends to make signs instead of cards and you got yourself an amazing celebration. Make sure to send them your favorite playlist so they bump your jams. If you really want to get crazy leave out party favors for cars to pick during the drive by maybe a candy bag or a couple cookies.
  2. Zoom or FaceTime Party- This is as easy as letting your friends know the deets. Check our Canvas so a super professional quarantine invite. You might as well send cute invites. Set a time and date and letting your friends know and make sure everyone knows the 2 rules. Mail the presents and BYOD (bring your own drinks). If you party gets a little stale, bust out the games! We love Tragos, the card game.
  3. Go Live- IG and FB are great opportunity to get everyone involved for the singing. Tell everyone what time and let them tune in on the cutting of the cake. Make them a bit jealous with a jumbo bite. I mean it is your special day! 
  4. Birthday Selfie: Most importantly start the day getting ready with an Onyx Social Mix and catch some good quarantine lighting to post your birthday selfie Everyone needs a super selfie on their birthday, so get glam, get juiced and throw cute shade at the camera.
  5. Lastly DM @onyxroomnightclub – Don’t you want a birthday shout out? Let us know what friends to tag too. Then show up at our doors once we reopen to have a night for the books! 

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