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Latin Songs You’ll Hear when You Go Clubbing This Summer

Latin Songs You’ll Hear when You Go Clubbing This Summer

Summer’s here, and the time is right for dancing—especially at the best clubs in town. Latin music, with its irresistibly danceable rhythms and driving percussion—sets the perfect mood for summer partying. Today’s Latin music combines a huge variety of styles from all around the world, including Latin America, Portugal, Spain, and the U.S. With influences as diverse as salsa, tropicalia, jazz, and pop, Latin music has a seductive energy that just won’t let you stay in your seat. Here are some of the most popular Latin tracks you’re sure to hear when you hit the dance floor this summer at the Onyx Room, the hottest Latin club in San Diego.

“Pegao” – Camilo

This joyful cumbia-pop track features influences from Argentina’s cumbia villera, powerful synthesizer sound effects, and melodic keyboard riffs. This is the first track Camilo dropped after his daughter’s birth, and it’s all about wanting to be attached to his baby forever. Be prepared for your newest earworm when you hear the chorus: “Like a shirt sticks to a sweaty body … like the rice that sticks on the pan, pegao, pegao, pegao.”

“Provenza” – Karol G

With this song, Karol G did something no other female artist has ever done—replaced herself at No. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. Set over a swinging calypso-powered beat, this track masterfully weaves themes of empowerment into a female anthem that’s sweet and gentle with a solid undercurrent of feminine strength. 

“Me Porto Bonito” – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone

“You’re not a bebesita, you’re a bebesota” is the lyric that made “Me Porto Bonito” a viral phenomenon. This track is a huge fan favorite because its message about feeling beautiful and confident fuses old-school party de marquesina beats with modern-day perreo. Bunny’s rich vocals mix with Chencho’s high-pitched tones to deliver a relatable tune about a young woman who’s unconstrained by society’s expectations. 

“Bailé Con Mi Ex” – Becky G

We love the hard-hitting reggaetón bop we usually hear from this artist, but this melody-driven pop song about a girl dancing with her ex highlights Becky G’s sweet, wide-ranging vocal versatility. This track was originally written for a man to be sung in English, but the Mexican-American singer claimed it as her own when she recorded it in Spanish from a woman’s perspective, and the slow, funky, R&B vibe is perfect for steamy summer nights.

“Session #51” – BZRP & Villano Antillano

Bizarrap’ s sessions never disappoint, and this new track exceeds all expectations with a concept that’s completely different from his first 50 sessions. This latest track features the super-fierce Villano Antillano in an EDM-infused rap session that hits hard, with Antillano unapologetically and ferociously speaking truth to power: “If I have a flow cabrón, if I’m adding pressure, if you can’t deal with me, my bad … I am the boss and you are the secretary.” 

You’ll hear these hits and a lot more when you head to the area’s top Latin club. San Diego nightclub goers consistently rank Onyx Room as the best nightclub in town. With multiple rooms and various genres, we’re sure to please both first-time and veteran San Diego clubgoers. Whether you’re looking for the best Top 40, urban Latin, or hip hop clubs in San Diego, we have something to please everyone. Come see for yourself what Onyx has to offer. To join the guest list for the night of your choosing or get VIP bottle service and experience why Onyx Nightclub is the best San Diego nightclub, call us at 619-876-8044.

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