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Recipes: Add A “Long Island” to National Iced Tea Day

Recipes: Add A “Long Island” to National Iced Tea Day

Happy National Iced Tea Day, but we’re giving it a twist today! Ever heard of a Long Island Tea? Well if you been to Onyx Nightclub you probably have! Long Islands are one of the fastest drinks made, one of the fastest drinks drank and a super fun drink to have.

But, what is it made of exactly?

With just a small amount of soda as a mixer, the Long Island Iced Tea boasts a whopping 22% alcohol concentration, making it famous (or, perhaps, infamous) amongst liquor lovers everywhere.

Why is it called a Long Island iced tea?

The Long Island iced tea was named for its visual resemblance to non-alcoholic iced tea. Add all ingredients into highball glass filled with ice. Stir gently. Optionally garnish with lemon slice, and it looks just like a regular non-alcoholic iced tea. Yup, the ability to trick anybody!

What does a Long Island iced tea taste like?

Summertime is an ideal time to serve the Long Island Iced Tea, because its taste is reminiscent of iced tea even though there’s no tea in it at all. The Long Island Iced Tea features cola, all the white liquors, Triple Sec and lemon juice. It mostly tastes like a cola with orange and lemon juice added.

When we, San Diego’s Best Nightclub, Onyx Room, opens back up, be sure you order one of these infamous drinks to start the party off right. We cannot wait to see you all again! Until then & for today, here are great ways to infused your tea with fruit, fresh herbs and natural sweetener, at home to celebrate, and feel free to add a little booze.

Strawberry Basil Iced Tea: Add fresh strawberries and herbs like basil or mint to your tea for one refreshing and hydrating drink.

Ginger Detox Tea: The ginger and cayenne in this tea will help your digestion, boost your metabolism and give you a jump start on a spring diet. It’s served hot here, but that’s nothing a few cubes can’t cool down.

Lavender Earl Grey: Adding a bit of floral and a hint of honey to your Earl Grey creates a delightful mix that tastes great warm or iced.

Blackberry Mint Tea: Use black tea as the base, then muddle fresh mint and blackberries together for this lovely tea infusion.

Matcha Mint Iced Tea: Fresh herbs are sprouting up everywhere. Put them to use in a refreshing matcha drink. Instead of whisking your matcha, shake it up with ice, mint and lime juice for a healthy caffeine boost.

Pomegranate White Tea Sparkler: Light and sparkly, this cocktail has lovely ingredients like fresh pomegranate seeds and pomegranate white tea. Add sparkling water instead of champagne if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink.

Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea: Pick your favorite tea as a base — black or green — then muddle fresh lemons and raspberries for a pretty-in-pink drink.

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