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Sexiest Beaches in San Diego this Summer per Onyx

Sexiest Beaches in San Diego this Summer per Onyx

Pack up and head straight out if you want to experience sexy in San Diego. Why not go for the fun and exciting side of SD before coming to see us at Onyx Nightclub with that glow tan. Sunny Sandy is known for its beaches, and this town has everything you need for a beach vaystay – multi-cultural cuisine, warm weather, shopping, night clubs, snorkeling, scuba diving, and tons of other exciting things to do. Get you tan on at one of the sexiest beaches and then get dress and meet us downtown every Friday and Saturday night for the ultimate nightlife experience.

1. La Jolla Cove

Want to surf and snorkel in an ecologically protected cave? The La Jolla Cove is the best place to be! Other than snorkeling and surfing, you can also explore the protected ecological cave with diving activities that include seeing sea lions and rare plant life. Highly recommended for family adventure.

2. Swami Beach

Swami Beach is a surfer’s love spot. It’s where you’ll find both professional and amateur surfers playing with the wave. Even if you’re not a surfer, the city offers parks you can be in while watching the beach and enjoying the surfers doing their magic!

3. Coronado Beach

One of the largest beaches in San Diego, Coronado starts from the famous Hotel del Coronado and continues to Sunset Park. This is a great spot for a family picnic and though it may get crowded, you’ll still be able to find a sweet spot.

4. Blacks Beach

Want to visit a less crowded beach set below some of the most stunning cliffs in southern california? Look no further than Blacks Beach – a gorgeous beach with clean, clear water, incredible surf, paragliders soaring overhead, and tons of space to spread out. Blacks is also a nude beach in certain places, making it the best place to get rid of those tan lines!

5. Moonlight State Beach

Want to watch stars at night while relaxing at the beach? The Moonlight State Beach earned its name when people in the early 1900s used to picnic under the starlit sky at night. No other place lets you watch a beautiful sunset as the Moonlight beach.

6. Pacific Beach

One of San Diego’s most popular beaches, Pacific Beach (aka PB) is the place to go if you want everything. Food, drinks, and shops are all within reach – so cruise down, grab a drink at a local bar, grab some tacos, and walk 10 steps to the sand.

This summer, hit the beach, soak in the sun and sand, and go for a  refreshing swim. Once you’re done getting bronzed, cruise into Onyx, San Diego’s best nightclub, looking hotter than ever and ready for the ultimate party!


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