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Top Social Media Dance Trends

Top Social Media Dance Trends

Ever since musical artists began incorporating dance moves into their live performances in the 20th century, dancing trends have been an inescapable aspect of popular culture. Just like rapper Lil Nas X introduced a dance trend with his 2019 video for “Old Town Road,” Elvis Presley used to do the same during concerts and television appearances in the early 1950s. These days, new dance moves and routines are more likely to start as short videos posted on TikTok, which has become an internet dance machine. TikTok is where quite a few of the dance moves you see at the hottest San Diego nightclubs come from. In some cases, they’re inspired by older routines that have been updated with fresh moves. Here are some club dancing trends social media has made popular in 2022.

Southside Chicago Footwork

This is part of a dance style created by a house music DJ in the 1980s. It used to be called “ghost dance” because it was inspired by people catching the spirit at Baptist church services. Footwork became part of hip-hop culture through break dancing and, later, krumping. The City of Chicago has designated 2022 as the Year of Dance, and footwork is one of highlights of this cultural celebration. This kinetic dance move is more popular on YouTube than TikTok because YouTube’s horizontal aspect ratio works better for showing off various sequences.

Whole Shack Shimmy

This isn’t an easy dance routine to pull off in its entirety because it’s highly choreographed to a mash-up of two songs, but you’ll spot a few of its sequences on the dance floor. The inspiration comes from Britney Spears’s video for “Toxic” and the go-go dancing in “Love Shack” by the B-52s. It’s easier to watch this video than to combine all its moves into a club dance routine. Check out this great TikTok video of people participating in a Whole Shack Shimmy dance challenge!

Church Bells

There are only six moves to learn for this dance, and they mostly involve an upper body sequence, so it’s easy to learn. On TikTok, this dance has become popular among country music fans because it’s based on a song by Carrie Underwood and features some line dancing moves, but it has carried over to other genres, such as banda and Norteño music.

“Stay” by The Kid Laroi

This song by the young Australian rapper got a major popularity boost thanks to Justin Bieber being featured. More important are the countless TikTok dance videos it has generated. Of all the current dance trends, this is one of the easiest to learn because it mostly consists of shaking your hips to a fast and happy beat, but there are a lot of upper body variations that make it look better on the dance floor. Believe it or not, this move is based on static mambo dancing without a partner.

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