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Spring Cleaning: Tidy up your living space and your head space

Spring Cleaning: Tidy up your living space and your head space


This is the best time of the year to welcome new things, make new plans and clean up all the old garbage of the previous year. Spring cleaning can be really therapeutic for your mind as you learn to let go of old things and welcome new changes. If you want to tidy up your living space and your head space, here are a few tips to help you out.

—–Make a list of things you want to throw away —–

Don’t make a mistake of spontaneously getting into a cleaning spree. Plan first. List down all the things you want to store, throw or donate. While you’re at it, with each item you throw or donate, write down a grudge, a worry or a negative thought you want to be done with. Make it a ritual. It may sound weird but try it out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

—–Buy new things and welcome new thoughts —–

When you bring in new table mats, carpets and sofa covers, bring in new goals and thoughts in your mind. Each new item you buy, associate it with a new goal. For example, a new sofa cover may mean a new goal for the year. Every time you look at the sofa cover, you’ll be reminded of your goal!

—–As you clean up your living space, meditate and clean up your mind —–

Most of us really do need a mind cleanse from time to time. We’re so occupied with the daily worries of life that we fail to enjoy and live each moment. As you dust those shelves and clean those cupboards, actively cleanse your mind too.

Spring is the time to appreciate the beauty around you, the sunlight and the and clear skies. Give out positive vibes, tackle negativity and make an effort to let go of the worries and black clouds that prevent you from having a good, happy life!

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