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Summer 2019’s Hottest New Bikinis

Summer 2019’s Hottest New Bikinis


Summer is here and summer fashion has some amazing bikinis and swimsuits to offer. We’ve rounded up the season’s top bikini trends recommended by experts for women of all shapes and sizes. 

If you’re looking for stylish, comfortable and sexy bikini wear this season, check out our recommendations below. 

 Swimsuits for All’s bikinis

Have a plus bust size? Swimstuis for All’s bikinis are designed for plus size busts (up to 34). They have a variety of swimsuits designed just for plus size women and boy are they gorgeous! 

The bikinis come in various designs and styles ranging from high waists to underwires to soft wire-free bras. Whichever your pick, you’ll be confidently wearing a flattering bikini designed to bring out the best in you.


If you’re petite and have a small bust size, Made by Dawn’s petal frill bikini set is perfect with its comfortable fabric and stretch. Although the name says frill, there aren’t any frills. It’s a nice peach color and looks amazing on someone with a petite frame. 

Oséree High-Waisted Bikini Set

High-waist bikinis are back in style! A popular style of the 40s and 50s, high-waists have a waist-defining effect that low-strung bikinis fail to create. So if you’re willing to try something different and impressionable, the Oséree set is what you need. 

The Aerie Bandeau bikini is both classic and modern with its high-waist underwear and a fancy top. Available in black, the bikini set is ravishing, exciting & definitely classy. Don the bikini with your pair of favorite sunglasses and you’re sure to set the town on fire. 

If you’re more into swimming in the water than tanning in the sun, Flagpole’s Maya bikini is a good choice. The bikinis are both stylish and practical helping you surf or swim comfortably and safely. 

So ladies! This summer, go out there, grab your favorite bikini set and dazzle the town! 

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