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Supporting Hispanic Business during Mexican Independence Week!

Supporting Hispanic Business during Mexican Independence Week!

Research released  by UC Riverside found that businesses owned by Hispanics are being created at a significantly faster pace than all businesses in the United States, California and the inland Southern California region. Since Mexican Independence Day is right around the corner, we thought we’d share a list of Mexican owned restaurants and stores for you to support and enjoy! #onyxsupportslocals

Capricho in Hillcrest

Cocina 35 in Downtown

Las Cuatro Milpas in Logan Heights

Ranchos Cocina in North Park

Best Quick Stop

Latino’s Market

This neighborhood market stocks only the essentials. The small grocery and produce sections have a reliable selection of staple goods for your Mexican cooking needs, from fresh avocados to bags of dry spices. If you’re running late for a special event and need to pick up some carne asada, the hot foods section has a party tray just for you.


Best Hard-to-Find Ingredients

El Super

This supermercado is the international arm of Mexico’s giant Chedraui chain, and its product selection is as good as it gets. It has an abundant produce section and shelves both familiar labels and Mexican brands not usually found at markets north of the border, like Teloloapan mole rojo, Bafar and San Rafael cold cuts, and dry cheeses. The bakery, liquor, and butcher sections also rival those of any large market.

Best Corn Tortillas

Tortilleria Lily

This City Heights institution should be on your list if you’re serious about high-quality corn goods. In business since 1988, it uses only non-GMO corn without artificial preservatives in creating their nixtamal—the alkaline blend of corn, water, and lime used to create tortillas, tamales, and arepas. Tortillas and masa are available every day and come in a wide range of pack sizes, while hot tamales are available closer to the holiday season.

Closed Wednesday, 5 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Sunday, 5 a.m.–2:30 p.m. all other days; 4271 University Avenue, City Heights

Best Overall Inventory

Northgate Gonzalez Market

Northgate is one of the biggest Latino supermarket chains in the US, so you can check most items off your shopping list at any of the eight locations in the county. Since it has a larger produce section than many of its peers, finding ingredients for seasonal dishes—like late summer’s chiles en nogada or holiday favorites like ponche de frutas—should be a safer bet at any Northgate location.

Best Hot Bar

Otay Farms

As one of southern Chula Vista’s oldest grocers and family businesses, Otay Farms is well established as a go-to for fresh produce and delicious meals made with the founding Tamayo family’s own recipes. Party trays of guisados (stews like beef barbacoa or pork in chile verde), are hot and ready to take to your next gathering. If you’re shopping on an empty stomach, enjoy a chile relleno with red rice before hitting the aisles.

Chula Vista

Best Meat Selection

Pancho Villa

You’ll get no bull at Pancho Villa’s butcher section—figuratively, anyway. This Mexican market offers choice cuts for your carne asada needs and beyond, all cut or marinated to your liking. The carnicería also includes various poultry, pork, and seafood products, as well as cold cuts and Mexican cheeses. Talk to the butchers for their recommendations on cuts for tacos, caldos, or any guisados you plan on cooking with the items in your cart.

North Park and San Ysidro

Best Bread

Panchita’s Bakery

You can pick up much more than just conchas and churros at this panadería. The Mexican bakery stocks over 100 types of baked goods, all perfect for your morning coffee or other special occasion. Fresh bolillo rolls, perfect for tortas or molletes, are rolled out throughout the day along with pastries and sweet treats. Made-to-order cakes include a perfectly moist tres leches and rich brownie sheets. Have some bills ready; it’s cash only.

Three locations

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