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The Best Black Friday Gaming & Tech Deals of 2020

The Best Black Friday Gaming & Tech Deals of 2020

What is Black Friday, even, in a time of COVID? It’s hard to say. Even with social distancing, it’s going to be hard to avoid crowds at the stores and malls that are actually still going to be open. And that’s assuming that people are trying to brave the elements (and the ’rona) to get their holiday season shopping underway. Maybe the lure of securing a PlayStation 5iPhone 12 Pro, or new TV is enough to get turkeyed-up families out of the house.

Whether you’re masked up and ready to dive into these deals IRL or keeping it cozy at home with your laptop and whatever magic will help you snag these deals handy, you have to be up on the latest and greatest Black Friday deals. We’ve included as much info as we can regarding the (super-scarce) PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, as well as info on deals on TVs, smartphones, the new MacBooks, and much, much more.

PlayStation5 Deals

Without a doubt, the biggest ticket this holiday season will be Sony’s PlayStation 5. Sony’s CEO recently said that everything was sold out. For many, if you didn’t pre-order it earlier this year, you’re SOL (unless you lucked into one of the many “giveaways” online). But it looks like you could be in luck this Black Friday season. It may depend on a few factors, namely a) do you plan on leaving your house? and b) if the talk of Black Friday PS5 restocks at stores like Kohl’s, Best Buy (which is promising limited stock on Black Friday in store), and Walmart going live on November 25 are in fact real. You might want to keep it locked to Amazon for any surprise drops, or just keep a tab open for Sony Direct. We’re also not seeing much in the way of bundles; the system just dropped two weeks ago, so that’s to be expected.

X Box Series X|S Deals

The Xbox Series X|S talk is…more of the same as the PS5. Not much in the way of bundles, and honestly, there might not be much in the way of units unless you get lucky. It could be a major problem, though, with Xbox CFO Tim Stuart recently saying that Xbox Series X|S consoles could be in limited supply through April 2021. Your best bet would be to scour the Internet for deals at places like Walmart, GameStop, and Best Buy for the most up-to-date drops and release information. Or you can hit eBay or StockX, but you will end up paying a grip if you choose to cop the next-gen console outside of the traditional retail market. When all else fails? Keep it locked to Microsoft’s Xbox site…and GOOD LUCK!

Nintendo Switch

For the last couple of years, the Nintendo Switch has been the hottest ticket, primarily because there were no next-gen Sony or Microsoft consoles out. That’s not to say the Switch (and its attractive sibling the Switch Lite) won’t be a hot ticket this year; it was sold out for much of the early parts of this year’s quarantine due to the volume of people bored at home with nothing to do—and the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Wal-mart has a $300 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch bundle advertised for this Black Friday, which is amazing considering that that particular title is three years old. You can grab the Turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite for $200 at Target as well. Oh and randomly, Best Buy has a 400GB microSD card available for $60—it was previously $180(!!), which is an insane deal for those of you with hella islands on Animal Crossing to keep track of. Happy hunting!

Laptops or Tablets & Assorted Tech Deals

TV Deals

If you got a new PS5 or Xbox Series X already, now might be the best time to upgrade that television of yours as well. You can’t go wrong with TCL, and their 50” 4 Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV is only $249.99 at Best Buy. TCL also has a 65” 4K UHD television with Roku built-in for $428, knocking $70 off of the original price. And if you are more of an LG fan, their 75” webOS 4K UHD TV could be yours for $649, which is a $200 price reduction.

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