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Staying Safe when You Go Out Clubbing

Staying Safe when You Go Out Clubbing

If you’re like most people, going out dancing is all about having fun and diving into the nightclub culture. A night out clubbing is supposed to be a positive experience, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful. Nightlife isn’t free of risks and situations that can turn dangerous. As much as we want to be spontaneous when we go out to nightclubs, the reality is that things can go wrong if we let our guard down or aren’t prepared for possible trouble. If you’re planning to party at any of the fantastic clubs in downtown San Diego, here are a few things to remember so you stay safe when you go out dancing.

Go with a Group

You’ll always be safer when you’re going out with a group of friends who’ll look out for each other. Whenever you go out with your favorite buds, you know everyone is going to have each other’s backs. If you meet new people at the club, make sure to introduce them to your group so you can get their reaction. Don’t let anyone try to insist on taking you away from the group. If you get a bad vibe from anyone, say goodbye, walk away, and make sure he or she sees you have plenty of backup.

Choose Designated Drivers or Safe Rides

Even though we all know about the options available to avoid drinking and driving, it’s always a good idea to remind ourselves about them whenever we’re going to be out and having some cocktails and brews. With services like Lyft and Uber, it’s easy for everybody in your group to party without having to worry about driving. If those options aren’t available, one of you needs to step up and volunteer to be the designated driver.

Become Familiar with Your Surroundings

You won’t need to worry about this if you’re going to your favorite local clubs, but if you’re hitting a new spot, check out the neighborhood during the daytime so you can get a feel for traffic, safe parking spots, entrances, and exits. If you run into a situation that doesn’t feel safe, the best move is to go to a spot you’re familiar with already.

Stay Hydrated

Even if you have a designated driver or you’re planning to call an Uber, you can ruin a great night by drinking too much. Of course you should let loose during your night out, but don’t ignore the basics, like drinking water throughout the night. A glass of water after a couple of cocktails or beers can keep you from getting dehydrated, and you should eat a meal or at least a snack before you head out and after you get home.

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