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Tips for Having a Conversation in a Loud Nightclub

Tips for Having a Conversation in a Loud Nightclub

A nightclub is probably not the best place to hold conversations, but when you’re having a great time drinking and dancing, it’s only natural to want to talk to the people around you. High-volume, high-energy music from the club’s sound system makes talking in a normal voice difficult but not completely impossible. If they’re trying to communicate when the volume’s pumped up at the nightclub, San Diego clubgoers can follow these tips to help their voices be heard when things get loud.

Listen First

We all know talking is a two-way street, but it can’t happen at all unless you listen to what the other person is saying, especially if you want to have the kind of back-and-forth conversation that happens when you’re flirting. If the music and club chatter are drowning out the voice of the person talking to you, push the flap above your earlobe down with your finger until you can’t hear out of it and turn your head so your other ear is pointing in the other person’s direction. If you’re already comfortable with your conversation partner, you can make things even more interesting by leaning in and getting a little closer.

Take the Conversation Somewhere Else

Nightclub conversations are possible at places that have invested in premium sound systems with high-end acoustics. However, sometimes your best bet is to simply go outside or to another section of the club where it isn’t so loud. 

Make Good Use of Body Language

It’s all about body language when you’re at the club. Your facial expressions, hand gestures, and the way you hold yourself are key to communicating in nightclubs, and you need to pay close attention to these nonverbal signals from other people to make the conversation go smoother.

Use Texting Apps

Exchanging WhatsApp info at the club because the music is too loud for talking might have been a cute pickup technique a few years ago, but it does actually serve a purpose if you want to make sure you’re understood. If you’re with a group of friends, make sure you all have smartphones and share your texting info before heading out to the club. 

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