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TKN: Rosalia & Travis Scott’s Collab Is The Hype!

TKN: Rosalia & Travis Scott’s Collab Is The Hype!

Now here is a black-brown collaboration we all need to be talking about! Brought to you by your favorite nightclub, San Diego’s Best, Onyx Room. Rosalia exploded last year, 2019, continuously bringing you culture packed in every production. Joint with Travis Scott who of course is killing the game too, she does it again with TKN, a sonic cocktail of flamenco and hip-hop translated into impactful visuals in this chart-topping video!

Partially sang in Spanish, the song marks the second collaboration between the pair, after Rosalía sang on Highest in the Room. The chorus of the song is what has got fans’ attention as many people want to know what TKN means, after it is repeated several times within the song.

What does TKN mean?

Many fans have been speculating over the meaning of the TKN abbreviation, and the most common answer so far is that is it short for ‘Tekken’. Tekken is a Japanese media franchise centered on a series of fighting videos and arcade games. Tekken also means ‘iron fist’ in Japanese, which fans think fit in with the themes of mafia and violence within the music video.

What does Omerta mean?

Omertá is another word in the song with a deeper meaning, and according to Genius Lyrics, Omertá is the honour code of the mafia: “In the song, ROSALÍA exposes the confidence and secrecy of criminal groups as the main theme, comparing her closed circle of friends with the Sicilian mafia, mentioning honor codes such as omertá and the mafia hierarchy, mentioning the famous capos of organized crime

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