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How to Stay Fit While Partying this Summer

How to Stay Fit While Partying this Summer

How to Stay Fit While Partying this Summer 

If you work hard to stay fit and want your beach body to last the whole season, you might be having anxiety about the barbeque and drinking that comes along with summer fun. You’re about to have an amazing summer, but you don’t want to stray from your fitness goals. Don’t worry—you can hit all your milestones without forsaking weekends of fun. 

If you’ve partied at Onyx Room before, you’ve probably had a great time dancing your heart out. Did you know you can burn over 400 calories an hour while dancing? Coming to Onyx is basically taking a Zumba class, but in a club setting, with San Diego’s best. Trust us—you can hit your fitness goals from the Onyx dance floor. The longer you dance, the more calories you burn. You know we have the tunes to keep you going! 

Keep track with your FitBit/AppleWatch, even when you’re out partying. We told you dancing will burn calories, but see for yourself! You’ll be surprised when you realize you burned more calories after midnight at Onyx than you did throughout the rest of the day. 

Get down with the low-calorie cocktails. We love ‘em! Gin and tonics, vodka sodas, and champagne are all crowd favorites that keep your daily calorie count low.  If you’re watching your calorie intake, skip the Mai Tai and opt for one of those. You probably love these cocktails already.   

Beware of late-night munchies. We’ve all been there before: you’re partying, having a great time, and your friends want to stop by the late-night taco spot before calling it a night. Don’t let them tempt you! Have a piece of fruit if you’re hungry, or go straight to bed. Your body with thank you later. 

Being fit doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. You can party at Onyx all summer long without getting off track. 

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