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Watch the Teaser for Part 2 of ‘Selena: The Series,’ Revealing New Premiere Date

Watch the Teaser for Part 2 of ‘Selena: The Series,’ Revealing New Premiere Date

The second part of Selena: The Series just got a new release date and teaser trailer. Earlier this year, Netflix announced part two would debut on May 14, 2021. Now, the date has been moved 10 days earlier to May 4.

The date was confirmed Monday (April 5) at the end of a new teaser trailer for the series. The trailer features Selena (Christian Serratos) singing and dancing on stage in a sort of dreamlike state to her hit song “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” She is dressed in the famous purple crisscross jumpsuit that she wore during a concert at the Houston Astrodome in February 1995.

Her bandmates, Los Dinos, are performing with her on the electric guitar, keyboards and drums.
The dreamlike feel slowly fades away as Serratos’ Selena continues to belt out the song and show off her moves. The camera then pulls back to reveal the entire band on the stage right before the words “Part 2 May 4” are displayed on screen in a hazy purple.

The first part of the series ended with Selena’s father, Abraham (Ricardo Chavira), throwing Chris (Jesse Posey) off the band’s tour bus after he finds out Chris and Selena are getting too close for his comfort. The first half of the series was met with mixed reviews from Selena fans and critics. Last December, Remezcla wrote that the first nine episodes “hardly shine the spotlight on Selena at all.

During an interview with Remezcla before the start of the series, Serratos said it was Selena’s soul that made her feel so timeless.

“She was a happy person and so gracious,” Serratos said at the time. “She really loved her fans and connected with them. It was such an honor to get the opportunity to get this close to her.”

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